Wright Flyer

Aircraft Profile

Orville Wright’s first flight on 17 December 1903(photo, US National Archives) Development When Orville Wright first took the Flyer into the air on the morning of 17 December 1903, his short flight represented the culmination of a rigorous four year step-by-step test and development process undertaken with his brother, Wilbur. The brothers Orville and Wilbur … Read more

All-Time Aircraft Used List
United States Marines

Aircraft Type Quantity Service Entry Out of Service Origin AAI RQ-2A Pioneer 45 1987 2008 local  AAI RQ-7 Shadow 20 2003 current local  Atlantic TA-1 3 1927 n/a local  Atlantic TA-2 3 1928 n/a local  Atlantic TA-3 n/a 1930 n/a local  Beech GB-1 Traveler n/a 1943 n/a local  Beech GB-2 Traveler n/a 1942 n/a local  … Read more

Airshow Dates 2014 – North America

The Aeroflight listing of Airshows Dates is split into four regions. Please choose the appropriate region of interest. Europe   North America   Rest of the World   United Kingdom Events not open to the public are not listed. Note: All dates are subject to change – check the official website before travelling. ‘?’ indicates event not yet … Read more

Modelist-Konstruktor – Contents Listing 1980s

See the full magazine details. Vol.19 No.1 January 1980 Antonov An-28 scale drwgs Vol.19 No.2 February 1980 Antonov An-28 scale drwgs Vol.19 No.3 March 1980 No information Vol.19 No.4 April 1980 No information Vol.19 No.5 May 1980 Yakovlev AIR-1 scale drwgs part 1 Vol.19 No.6 June 1980 Yakovlev AIR-1 scale drwgs part 2 Vol.19 No.7 … Read more

Military Aviation Review (1) – Contents Listing

See the full magazine details. Vol.1 No.1 May 1976 Cover photo: 44 Sqn Vulcan; The British Scene; Overseas Round-up; Army Air Corps Part One – The development of the A.A.C.; Double Top Bombing and Navigation Competition (no photos); 6 F.T.S. Finningley; Binbrook Goes Camouflaged; U.S. News and Views; The Air Cadets (Chipmunk T.10 AEF Colour … Read more