About Us

How It Began

The Aeroflight website first came on-line in June 1996. At the time of our launch, there were very few websites that specifically catered for aviation enthusiasts, (few that were any good – that is). Of course, there were plenty of sites for pilots and aviators, and many for the US military, but ordinary enthusiasts weren’t really represented. So I thought: let’s have a go. We started with about thirty pages of information, (1.5 MB of disk space), and are now approaching 40 MB of data. Our page views hit rate has doubled each year since the start, and continues to increase rapidly. In 1998 Aeroflight was awarded a listing in the McGraw-Hill 200 Best Aviation Sites Directory, and appears again for 1999.

Our Aims

The aim of Aeroflight is to provide an authoritative information forum for aviation enthusiasts around the world. To that end I intend to continuously expand the scope and depth of our coverage to include all aviation topics that are of interest to enthusiasts. We will strive to make the site as professional looking as possible. We also wish to encourage feedback from readers – all comments and corrections are welcomed and incorporated where possible. Hopefully, the site will become financially self-supporting, and any potential sponsors or advertisers are welcome to get in touch with the Editor.

The People Behind It

John Hayles – General Editor
Currently employed in a technical capacity by a major aerospace company. John has had articles published in Small Air Forces Observer, Aviation News and Air International. His main aviation interests are the history of the world’s air forces, and of the less well-known aircraft types. He is also increasingly interested in para-military and government agency aviation organisations, such as Border Guards, Customs Services and Police Forces. e-mail: john@aeroflight.co.uk.

Erich Klaus – American Military Aviation Editor
Erich lives in Vienna, Austria, and has been a US Military Aviation enthusiast for many years. He has worked for some time for the publication “US Military Aviation Directory” and collects Order of Battle details of US Army Aviation. e-mail: erich.klaus@a1.net.

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  2. My Uncle Anthony Harte-Lovleace flew Oxford X7135 from Kinloss to Bahrein between 17-26 Nov 1948 so it must have been taken to Burma by others shortly afterwards. This may help with your dates on the web site.

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