Aeroflight User Roles Explained

This website allows five different user roles:

  1. Subscriber
  2. Contributor
  3. Author
  4. Editor
  5. Administrator

The roles above subscriber can only be assigned by the administrator, and so users wishing to change their role should email the administrator and request their role be upgraded. (User accounts used for Spam or offensive material will be immediately deleted).

1. Subscriber

Users with the subscriber user role can login to this website and update their user profiles. They can change their passwords if they want to. They cannot write posts, view comments, or do anything else inside the website admin area.

The subscriber role allows users to login to the website and leave comments on posts without having to enter their details every time. This is very useful for frequent visitors to the site. The subscriber role can also be used to deliver additional content to users such as a newsletter or access to pages and posts that would otherwise be locked.

On Aeroflight, subscribers can make their own lists of favourite posts, and compile wishlists for planned visits or purchases. They will also be able to submit photos to the Aeroflight Photo Gallery, which will be subject to moderation by the administrator.

2. Contributor

Contributors can add new posts and edit their own posts, but they cannot publish any posts – not even their own. Submitted posts are approved by the administrator for publication. When writing posts they cannot create new categories and will have to choose from existing categories. However, they can add tags to their posts.

The biggest disadvantage of a contributor role is that they cannot upload files, (meaning they can’t add images to their own articles). Contributors can view comments, even those awaiting moderation, but they cannot approve or delete comments. They do not have access to settings, plugins, or themes, so they cannot change any settings on the website.

On Aeroflight, contributors can also compile lists of favourites post and wishlists, and submit photos to the gallery. They also have the ability to edit and update the tabular databases of operators, magazines, museums, books etc that are being crowd-sourced on the site.

3. Author

Users with the author role can write, edit, and publish their own posts. They can also delete their own posts, even if they are published. When writing posts, authors cannot create categories – however they can choose from existing categories. They can add tags to their posts. Authors can view comments, even those that are pending review, but they cannot moderate, approve, or delete any comments.

They do not have access to settings, plugins, or themes.

On Aeroflight, authors can also edit the database tables, compile favourites/wishlists and submit photos to the gallery.

2. Editor

Users with the editor role have full control of the content sections the website. They can add, edit, publish, and delete any posts on the site including the ones written by others. An editor can moderate, edit, and delete comments as well.

Editors do not have access to site settings, and cannot install plugins and themes, or add new users.

On Aeroflight, editors can also edit the database tables and compile favourites/wishlists and submit photos to the gallery.

1. Administrator

Administrator is the most powerful user role. Users with the administrator role can add new posts, edit any posts by any user on the site, and even delete those posts. They can install, edit, and delete plugins as well as themes.

The administrator can add new users to the site, change information about existing users – including their passwords – as well as delete any user. This role is basically reserved for site owners and gives them full control of the website.