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Civil Aviation

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General Topics

'Air Transport In Canada'
by Larry Milberry
Published by ?, 19?? ISBN: 0 921022 093
* History of Canadian air transport.

'Pioneering In Canadian Air Transport'
by K. M. Molson
Published by ?, 19?? ISBN: 0 919212 395
* The early days of Canadian air transport.

'Canada And International Civil Aviation, 1932-1948'
by David MacKenzie
Published by ?, 19?? ISBN: 0 802058 280
* Canadian civil air transport history.

'Airlines Of North America'
by Bob Shives & Bill Thompson
Published by ?, 1984 ISBN: 0 912612 231
* Comprehensive survey of US & Canadian airlines.

'Bush Flying (Osprey Colour Series)'
by David Oliver
Published by Osprey Publishing Ltd, UK, 1988 ISBN: 0 85045 8676
* Photo survey of Canadian bush aircraft in action.

'Uncharted Skies: Canadian Bush Pilot Stories'
by ?
Published by ?, 19?? ISBN: 0 919091 431
* ?.

'Helicopter: The British Columbia Story' [Order this book from USA]
by Peter Corley-Smith & David N. Parker
Published by Sono Nis Press, 1998 ISBN: 1 550390 94 5
* History of helicopter use in British Columbia.


'Annals of British and Commonwealth Air Transport 1919-1960'
by John Stroud
Published by AMS Press, 1989 ISBN: 0 404193 374
* Comprehensive history of early British and Commonwealth commercial aviation.


Trans Canada Airlines became Air Canada in 1964.
Canadian Pacific Airlines amalgamated with Eastern Provincial, Nordair and Pacific Western in 1987 to form Canadian Airlines. Incorporated Wardair in 1989. Taken over by Air Canada in January 2000.

Pre-War Airlines:
No source known.

Major Airlines:
Canadian Pacific
'Canadian Pacific Air Lines - It's History And Aircraft'
by D. M. Bain
Published by ?, 1989 ISBN: 0 919487 19X
* Very well illustrated airline history.

Trans Canada Airlines /Air Canada
'It Seems Like Only Yesterday: Air Canada - The First 50 Years'
by Philip South
Published by ?, 1986 ISBN: 0 7710 82118
* Lively history of TCA and Air Canada.

'Wings Across Time: The Story of Air Canada'
by David H. Collins
Published by ?, 19?? ISBN: 0 887600 905
* History Air Canada.

'Air Canada' [Order this book from UK]
by Frank Pooley
Published by FJP Photo Services, 1996 ISBN: 09529107 05
* Photo album of Air Canada aircraft and operations.

Canadian Airlines
No source known.

Regional Airlines:
'Wings Over The West: Russ Baker And The Rise Of Pacific Western Airlines'
by John Condit
Published by Harbour Publishing, 1984 ISBN: 0 920080 499
* The history of Pacific Western.

Other Commercial Operators:
No source known for Canadian charter operators.

Fleet Lists:
The following annually updated titles include Canada in their world-wide coverage:

'JP Airline Fleets International' [Order this book from UK]
by V. Klee
Published by BuchAir UK Ltd, 1999 ISBN: 3857581336

'Airline Fleets 1999' [Order this book from UK]
by Tony Pither
Published by Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1999 ISBN: 0851302785

Aircraft Used

No source known.


Canadian civil aircraft register: G-CYAA onwards from June 1920, later changed to CF-AAA onwards, and more recently C-FAAA and C-GAAA onwards.

All-Time Register Listing:
No source known.

Current Register Listing:
'Civil Aircraft Registers of Canada 1996/97' [Order this book from UK]
by Barrie Towey
Published by Air-Britain (Historians) Ltd, 1996 ISBN: 0 851302 54 8
* Comprehensive listing of the current CF-, C-F, C-G and C-I (microlight) registers.

'Canadian Civil Aircraft Register' [Order this book from UK]
by A. B. Eastwood
Published by The Aviation Hobby Shop, 1984 ISBN: 090717809X

Register Updates:
Monthly register updates are published in the magazines ??.


Airports & Airfields:
National Surveys
No source known.



No known coverage of Calgary, Montreal, Edmonton, Winnipeg or Vancouver.

Air Traffic Control:
No source known.


'And I Shall Fly: The Flying Memoirs of Z. Lewis Leigh'
by Z. Lewis Leigh
Published by ?, 1985 ISBN: ?
* Autobiography of Canadian civil & military pilot.

'Canadian Bush Pilot: Ernie Boffa'
by F. Whyard
Published by ?, 1990 ISBN: ?
* Biography of versatile Canadian bush pilot.

'Lindbergh of Canada: The Errol Boyd Story' [Order this book from USA]
by Ross Smyth
Published by General Store Pub House, 1997 ISBN: 1 896182 615
* Biography of the Canadian pilot.

'Flight Deck: Memoirs of an Airline Pilot'
by George Lothian
Published by ?, 199? ISBN: 0 0708297 56
* Autobiography of Canadian airline pilot.

'Pilots: Canadian Stories From The Cockpit'
by John Melady
Published by ?, 199? ISBN: 0 771058 87 X
* Memories of Canadian pilots.

'Whiskey Whiskey Papa: Chronicling The Exiting Life And Times Of A Pilot's Pilot'
by Norman Avery
Published by ?, 199? ISBN: 0 968421 105
* Biography of ?

Airliner Production:
'De Havilland Canada Production Lists'
by F. J. Blatherwick
Published by ?, 1979 ISBN: ?
* Complete production lists for DHC-5/6/7, Saunders ST.27 etc.

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