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Dutch Profile

Dutch language monographs (with English summary and captions) on types that served with the Dutch forces. Produced by L. Boerman of Dutch Decal fame. Each issue contains the history of its use by the Dutch forces and the camouflage and markings it carried. This is illustrated with many rare and never before published photographs and several colour profiles. There is also a small section with info for scale modelers.

Some of these titles were apparently issued without ISBNs. The English text in some places could benefit from a bit of proof-reading!

Publisher: Dutch Decals, Netherlands Language: Dutch + English summary
24-48 pages, Softback, A4 size, b+w photos, colour drawings.

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'No.1 - Lockheed L-12/212'
by Gerard Casius
[ISBN 97 0000000 815 0, First published: November 2003]

24 pages. 16 colour profiles. 48 b/w photos. English summary.

'No.2 - P-51D/K Mustang'
by Gerard Casius & Luuk Boerman
[ISBN -, First published: June 2004]

36 pages. Line 3-views. 18 colour profiles. 68 b/w photos. Bilingual Dutch/English text.

'No.3 - Hawker Sea Fury'
by Nico Geldhof & Luuk Boerman
[ISBN 97 0000000 814 3, First published: June 2005]

36 pages. 1 colour 4-view. 6 colour profiles. 3 colour and 73 b/w photos. Dutch/English dual text.

'No.4 - De “Indische” Spitfires'
by Nico Geldhof, Luuk Boerman and Ray Sturtivant
[ISBN ?, First published: April 2006]

Story of the 100 Dutch "Spitfire Fund" Spitfires - funded by the people of the Dutch East Indies and used by more than 90 different RAF/FAA/USAAF squadrons. 48 pages. 17 colour profiles plus two four-view colour drawings.

'No.5 - Fokker D.XXI'
by Frits Gerdessen and Luuk Boerman
[ISBN -, First published: January 2007]

57 pages, 6 colour 4-views, 2 colour profiles, 1 colour and 87 b/w photos. Bilingual Dutch/English text.

'No.6 - Dutchies in de FAA'
by Nico Geldhof & Luuk Boerman
[ISBN -, First published: November 2007]

A selection of six Dutch pilots and their aircraft in service with the British Fleet Air Arm during the Second World War. 14 pages including covers, 6 colour four-view illustrations, six colour profiles. Bilingual Dutch/English text.

'No.7 - TBM-Avenger'
by Nico Geldhof & Luuk Boerman
[ISBN ?, First published: March 2008]

TBM-3S/3W/3E Avenger in MLD service. 36 pages. 18 colour profiles.

'No.8 - Brewster B-339D'
by TBA
[ISBN ?, First published: summer 2008]

? pages.

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