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Isradecal has published a number of books focussing on Israeli military aircraft and their markings. Their first series, 'Aircraft of the Israeli Air Force' aimed to give a complete pictorial history of a specific aircraft type or sub-type in IAF service. The first chapter provides a general history of the type, including a description of specific Israeli modifications and the weaponry used by the IAF. Subsequent chapters are devoted to individual squadrons that fly or flew the type.

Each chapter contains a unit history and is punctuated with narratives from IAF pilots. Each squadron chapter is profusely illustrated with photos, almost all in full colour, and includes side view color profiles of specific aircraft operated by the squadron. The last pages of the book contain an extensive walkaround section. Detail shots are provided of the cockpits, wheels, spines, antennas, and landing gear etc. Also included are detail shots of external stores carried.

A second series 'Aircraft in Detail' is more of a close-up look for modellers. The book starts with a concise history of the type. This is followed by many pages of close-up colour photographs covering every nook and cranny of the aircraft in an extremely detailed walk-around. The various weapons and stores carried are also illustrated. Several colour profiles are included to illustrate the various markings carried.

A number of specials have also been produced, which may turn into one or more new series' if they prove popular. These cover Israeli Air Force markings, IAF squadron histories and IAF air campaigns. These titles are much more detailed than anything published elsewhere and include previously unpublished information and very rare photographs. The usual colour profiles are also included.

Publisher: Isradecal Publications, Israel Language: English
52-130 pages, Softback, A4 size, colour/b+w photos, colour drawings, scale line drawings.

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Aircraft of the Israeli Air Force

'1 - Israel Aircraft Industries Kfir'
by Raanan Weiss, Yoav Efrati
[ISBN 095 2886 715, First published: March 2000]

54 pages, 117 photographs (11 in colour), 19 colour profiles, 11 pages walk-around photos.

'2 - General Dynamics F-16A/B Netz'
by Raanan Weiss, Yoav Efrati
[ISBN 095 2886 723, First published: June 2001]

52 pages, 104 photographs (37 in colour), 29 colour profiles, 4 pages walk-around photos

'3 - McDonnell Douglas A-4 Skyhawk'
by Ra'anan Weiss, Yoav Efrati
[ISBN 965 7220 009, First published: Nov 2001]

116 pages, 343 photographs (144 in colour), 47 colour profiles, 11 pages walk-around photos.

'4 - Lockheed Martin F-16C/D Barak'
by Ra'anan Weiss, Alon Koren
[ISBN 965 7220 016, First published: 2003]

98 pages, 347 photographs (mostly in colour), 22 colour profiles, 12 pages walk-around photos.

'5 - McDonnell Douglas/Boeing F-15 Baz'
by Ra'anan Weiss, Alon Koren
[ISBN 965 7220 068, First published: 2006]

130 pages, 520 photographs (many in colour), 14 colour profiles.

Aircraft in Detail

'1 - F-16I Sufa in IAF service'
by Ra'anan Weiss
[ISBN 965 7220 025, First published: 2005]

84 pages, 578 colour photographs, 4 colour profiles, walk-around photos.

'2 - F-15I Ra'am in IAF service'
by Ra'anan Weiss
[ISBN 965 7220 041, First published: 2006]

84 pages, 558 colour photographs, 4 colour profiles, fold out 1/48 & 1/72 scale line drawings.

'3 - IAI Kfir in IAF service'
by Ra'anan Weiss, Shlomo Aloni
[ISBN 965 7220 076, First published: 2007]

84 pages, 204 b+w photographs, 343 colour photos, 5 colour profiles, foldout 1:48 & 1:72 scale drawings.

'4 - F-4E Phantom Kurnass in IAF service Part 1'
by Ra'anan Weiss, Shlomo Aloni
[ISBN ?, First published: 2008]

112 pages, 433 b+w photographs, 207 colour photos, colour profiles, foldout 1:48 scale drawings.

Isradecal Specials

'Colors and Markings of the Israeli Air Force'
by Yoav Efrati
[ISBN 965 7220 033, First published: 2005]

84 pages, 134 b+w photographs, 133 colour photos, 15 colour profiles.

'101 Israeli Air Force: First Fighter Squadron'
by Shlomo Aloni
[ISBN 965 7220 084, First published: 2007]

HARDBACK. 224 pages, c.600 b+w photographs, 87 colour photos, colour profiles.
The Legendary Squadrons of the Israeli Air Force.

'The June 1967 Six-Day War, Volume A - Operation Focus, The Israeli pre-emptive strike of June 5, 1967'
by Shlomo Aloni
[ISBN 965 7220 092, First published: 2008]

208 pages, c.300 photographs (inc. many in colour), colour profiles, maps.
First in a new series of publications, Israeli Air Force Air Campaigns.

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