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The Modelmania series of books describes and illustrates aircraft from modeller's point of view. With bilingual text (English/Polish), each richly illustrated title usually focuses on a specific variant of the aircraft, starting with a brief description of the development history of the design. This is followed by a large number of colour photographs taken from aircraft preserved in museums and private collections, showing details and sub-assemblies of the airframe and engine. About 15 scale drawings of the aircraft type are included, together with some contemporary b+w photographs as well as drawings from technical manuals, aircraft colour profiles and colour plates showing markings and stencilling. One chapter discusses model kits available on the market and additional accessories, mainly decal sheets. Most titles also contain a free decal sheet for 1/72, 1/48, 1/32 scale models.

Publisher: AJ-Press, Poland Language: English/Polish
56-136 pages, Softback, 200 x 290 mm size, colour/b+w photos, colour drawings, line drawings.

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'No.1 MiG-15'
by Bartlomiej Belcarz, Artur Juszczak, Robert Peczkowski
[ISBN ?, First published: 1998]

56 pages, 5 full page colour plates showing camouflage and markings, 8pp of 1/72 & 1/48 scale plans, 170+ colour and b+w photographs and line drawings (incl. many close-ups). Includes Lim-2.

'No.2 PZL P.11c'
by Bartlomiej Belcarz, Artur Juszczak, Tomasz Makowski, Robert Peczkowski
[ISBN 83-86208-96-1, First published: 1998]

? pages.

'No.3 P-51D Mustang'
by Dariusz Karnas
[ISBN 83-7327-007-9, First published: 1998]

62 pages.

'No.3 P-51D Mustang'
by Dariusz Karnas
[ISBN 83-7237-163-6, First published: 2005]

Expanded 2nd edition: 80 pages, 48 b+w photos, 110 colour photos, 18 b+w drawings, 9 b+w scale plans, 16 colour plates including cover, 3 b+w plates, 2 tables, free decal sheet.

'No.4 Hawker Hurricane'
by Artur Juszczak, Dariusz Karnas
[ISBN 83-7237-018-4, First published: 1999]

56 pages.

'No.5 Supermarine Spitfire IX-XVI'
by Jan Hoffmann, Wojtek Matusiak
[ISBN 83-7237-042-7, First published: 1999]

64 pages.

'No.6 Mitsubishi A6M Zero'
by Arthur Lochte
[ISBN ?, First published: 2000]

? pages.

'No.6 Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero'
by Arthur Lochte
[ISBN 83-7237-062-1, First published: 2006]

Expanded 2nd edition: 80 pages, 33 b+w photos, 178 colour photos, 16 pages of scale plans, 8 colour plates incl. cover, 4 tables, free decal sheet.

'No.7 Focke-Wulf Fw 190D'
by Adam Jarski, Tadeusz Skwiot, Maciej Zywczyk
[ISBN 83-??, First published: 2007]

128 pages, 60 b+w photos, 103 colour photos, 34 drawings, 16 pages of scale plans, 27 colour plates incl. cover, 4 tables, free decal sheet.

'No.8 P-38J/L Lightning'
by Dariusz Karnas, Franciszek Strzelczyk
[ISBN 83-7237-190-3, First published: 2007]

136 pages, 15 b+w photos, 207 colour photos, 16 drawings, 12 pages of scale plans, 21 colour plates incl. cover, 3 tables, free decal sheet. Includes material from the Aircraft Monograph title.

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