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The Guide To Aviation Book Series

This is the index page for the Aeroflight guide to aviation book series. The guide is principally aimed at aviation enthusiasts, scale modellers, historians and collectors. It therefore concentrates on publications of interest to this readership.

An aviation series is taken to mean a sequence of several different book titles from the same publisher, all presented in a similar format but each concentrating on a different single topic - usually a specific aircraft type. This guide will mainly concentrate on numbered series, but some un-numbered series will also be included. Annual publications and single titles published in multiple volumes are excluded.

The guide is organised in alphabetical order by series title, and then in numerical or chronological order. Details for each series title include the publisher and language, together with an outline of the style and typical content of the series. For individual titles, the ISBN number and publication date are provided, along with information on that specific title.

I would like to make this guide as comprehensive as possible, so if you wish to add or correct anything please let me know.

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The titles to be included in this guide are:

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First Created: 30 December 2006 - Last Revised: 3 May 2009
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