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Aviation Book Series

Vliegend in Nederland

Series of monographs on aircraft types that flew with the Dutch royal air force (Klu). Each issue describes a type from its introduction into service, through its operational life (including accidents) to its phasing out of service, and sometimes the subsequent fate of individual aircraft. This is illustrated with many b/w photographs and several colour pictures as well. Listings of registrations and codes are given where known.

Publisher: Flash Aviation, Netherlands Language: Dutch
46-58 pages, Softback, A4 size, colour/b+w photos.

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'No.1 - Thunderstreak'
by G.A. Hiltermann
[ISBN 90-71553-02-7, First published: June 1986]

F-84F. 46 pages.

'No.2 - Starfighter'
by A. van der Zeeuw
[ISBN ?, First published: 1987]


'No.3 - Lockheed T-33A'
by G.A. Hilterman
[ISBN 90-71553-04-3, First published: August 1988]

Includes RT-33. 50 pages.

'No.4 - Hawker Hunter'
by J.L. Horsthuis
[ISBN 90-71553-09-4, First published: May 1990]

58 pages.

'No.5 - Thunderflash'
by G.A. Hilterman
[ISBN ?, First published: 2006?]

Republic RF-84F Thunderflash.

'Special: F-16 Fighting Falcon'
by J. J. Lok
[ISBN 90-71553-07-8, First published: 1989]

65 pages.

In preparation:
Hiller H-23/UH-12 Raven
North American/FIAT F-86K Sabre
Fokker S.XIV Machtrainer
De Havilland DHC.2 Beaver
Sud Aviation Alouette II

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