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So, you've come across a reference to the Nakajima N-36 transport, the Aero A.204, Barkley-Grow T8P-1, or some other type new to you. Where do you find more information on it?

This is an annotated bibliography of the most comprehensive and definitive printed reference works on all the world's aircraft types. Using these you should be able to find a picture, specification and historical data on just-about any aircraft built.

Finding good information on some types is not easy. The normally authoritative annual 'Jane's All The World's Aircraft', for instance, is only useful if you know what year to look under. Even then, the entries for German, Japanese, Russian and Chinese aircraft are distinctly unreliable during periods of wartime or the Cold War. Where possible, alternative titles are therefore suggested.

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If you have any suggestions for titles that should be listed here, please let me know.
(Thanks to Thomas Mueller for his assistance in updating these listings).

This listing is organised as follows:

A-Z of Aircraft - Surveys organised purely in alphabetical order

Annual Surveys - Annually updated world surveys of new types

Current World Surveys - Comprehensive recent surveys not annually updated

Generic Role Surveys - Books covering Fighters, Trainers etc.

Country by Country - Books covering one country's or manufacturers products

Filling the Gaps - Suggestions for new titles to fill some gaps

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