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 Aircraft Types Bibliography

Filling The Gaps:

Here's a listing of some possible aircraft types titles which intended authors/publishers and researchers might like to take note of. In so doing, they might fill a few gaps in the existing coverage. (Your suggestions for 'wanted' titles are also welcome).

Aircraft of the Former Yugoslavia

Australian & New Zealand Aircraft Since 1918

Benelux Aircraft Encyclopedia

Italian Aircraft Since 1945

Indian & Pakistani Aircraft Since 1940

Dassault & Bloch Aircraft Since 1930

French Civil Aircraft

The Encyclopedia of Chinese Aircraft (incl. Taiwan)

The Encyclopedia of Latin American Aircraft

The Encyclopedia of Eastern European Aircraft

Mitsubishi Aircraft Since 1920

Nakajima Aircraft Since 1917

Northrop Aircraft Since 1928

Polish Aircraft Since 1945

Rockwell & North American Aircraft Since 1928

Scandinavian Aircraft Directory

Seversky & Republic Aircraft Since 1931

Sikorsky Aircraft Since 1910

Spanish Aircraft Since 1910

Swiss Aircraft Directory

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