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Aerodata international monographs are self contained 20 page A4 size booklets containing 1/72 scale multi-view plans, colour artwork, sketches, large photographs and English narrative (including technical data). Each edition has an additional wrap around inside cover that gives a brief outline history on the type covered, and photo captions, in the French and German language.

The series was also released in 2 bound volumes in cooperation with Squadron/Signal Publications of the USA. Volume one contained Nos.1-6 called “Fighters of World War II” (ISBN 0-905469-06-2), volume two contained Nos. 7-12 called “Bombers of World War II” (ISBN 0-905469-11-9). No. 1 to 12 where again published in a single bound volume as “Classic Fighters and Bombers of World War 2” (ISBN 0-905469-16-X). Two other titles in this series from Squadron/Signal were #6204 “US Navy Carrier Fighters of World War II” (F2A, F4F, F6F, F4U, F8F) ISBN 0-89747-194-6 and #6205 “US Navy Carrier Bombers of World War II” (TBD, SBD, SB2C, TBF/TBM) ISBN 0-89747-195-4.

Publisher: Vintage Aviation Publications, UK Language: English
20 pages (+ covers), Softback, A4 size, b+w photos, colour drawings, scale line drawings.

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‘No.1 – Focke-Wulf 190A series’
by Peter G. Cooksley
[ISBN 0-905469-20-8, First published: 1977]

‘No.2 – Supermarine Spitfire I & II’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-25-9, First published: 1977]

‘No.3 – North American P-51D Mustang’
by Harry Holmes
[ISBN 0-905469-30-5, First published: 1978]

‘No.4 – Messerschmitt 109E’
by Peter G. Cooksley
[ISBN 0-905469-35-6, First published: 1978]

‘No.5 – Hawker Hurricane I’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-75-5, First published: 1978]

‘No.6 – Republic P-47D Thunderbolt’
by John B. Rabbets
[ISBN 0-905469-45-3, First published: 1978]

‘No.7 – Handley Page Halifax Merlin-engined variants’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-50-X, First published: 1979]

‘No.8 – Boeing B-17G flying fortress’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-55-0, First published: 1979]

‘No.9 – Junkers Ju 88A’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-60-7, First published: 1979]

‘No.10 – Avro Lancaster BI’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-65-8, First published: 1979]

‘No.11 – Consolidated B-24 Liberator early models’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-70-4, First published: 1979]

‘No.12 – Heinkel He 111 P & H’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-75-5, First published: 1979]

‘No.13 – McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-90-9, First published: 1980]

‘No.14 – McDonnell Douglas F- 4 Phantom II’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-95-X, First published: 1980]

‘No.15 – Lockheed F-104 Starfighter’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-26-7, First published: 1981]

‘No.16 – General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-31-3, First published: 1981]

‘No.17 – Grumman F-14A Tomcat’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-36-4, First published: 1982]

‘No.18 – North American F-100A Super Sabre’
by Philip J. R. Moyes
[ISBN 0-905469-41-0, First published: 1982]

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  1. I bought here in Spain, many years ago, the 12 first volumes of your wonderful publications about II WW fighter planes… So I stop in number 12, it was impossible to find more…, and I would like to know if I can buy the 6 late, 13 to 18 volumes and if you can send to me, in Spain, the costs, payment and so…. Thanks for your attention and congratulations for your incomparable publications. Juan Gallego

  2. Hello Juan,

    I’m afraid that the best way of getting the titles 13-18 is to search eBay for them.
    There is also a combined 120 page volume, titled ‘Aerodata International: Modern US Fighters’ (Squadron Signal Book, #6203, ISBN 978089747125)

    kind regards,
    Dirk Broer

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