Black Cross

The Black Cross series appears to be aimed at producing a Luftwaffe equivalent to Midland Publishing’s highly successful Red Star series. Each title focuses on an important and technically interesting German aircraft type, and is meticulously researched and highly illustrated.

The core of each book comprises a very comprehensive design and development history of the type, covering each variant and sub-variant. Further chapters look at the structure and equipment of the aircraft in detail, a brief look at the type in combat service and a short modelling section, with notes on available model kits and advice for modellers. Each book includes numerous b+w photographs, line drawings, detailed sketches and some colour artwork.

It should be noted that the Black Cross series is a direct translation of the German series “Vom Original zum Modell”, published by Bernard & Graefe Verlag. The German version already has 11 titles, but production of the UK version seems to have ceased after only 5 volumes. The German cover pictures are the same as their English translations.

Publisher: Midland Publishing, UK Language: English
64-96 pages, Softback, A4 size, b+w photos, 2-4 pages colour, line drawings.

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‘Vol.1 – Junkers Ju 188’
by Helmut F. Erfurth
[ISBN 1 85780 172 5, First published: June 2004]

64 pages, 31 b+w photos, 12 col photos, 3 col profiles, 31 drwgs.

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‘Vol.2 – Junkers Ju 288/388/488’
by Karl-Heinz Regnat
[ISBN 1 85780 173 3, First published: April 2004]

96 pages, 168 b+w photos, 2 pages col profiles.

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‘Vol.3 – Junkers Ju 90’
by Karl-Heinz Regnat
[ISBN 1 85780 178 4, First published: Oct 2004]

96 pages, 136 black & white photos, 2 pages colour profiles, 79 drawings.

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‘Vol.4 – Heinkel He 111’
by Karl-Heinz Regnat
[ISBN 1 85780 184 9, First published: Nov 2004]

96 pages, 141 black & white photos, 8 col photos, 3 colour profiles, 40 drawings.

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‘Vol.5 – Junkers Ju 87’
by Karl-Heinz Regnat
[ISBN 1 85780 186 5, First published: March 2005]

96 pages, 100+ b+w photos, 67 col photos, drawings.

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