Canadian Profile

The Canadian Profile series was aimed a producing a range of books focussing exclusively on aircraft operated by the Canadian Armed Forces. Each title is produced in the style of Squadron/Signal’s ‘In Action’ series: in a landscape format with a short narrative text and many b+w photographs, plus colour profiles and line drawings.

Publisher: Sabre Model Supplies (SMS) Publishing, Canada Language: English
52 pages, Softback, landscape A4 size, b+w photos, colour profiles, 3-view line drawings.

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‘No.1 CF-104 Starfighter Canadian Profile’
by Robert McIntyre
[ISBN 0-920375-99-6, First published: 1984]

‘No.2 CF-101 Voodoo Canadian Profile’
by Robert McIntyre
[ISBN 0-920375-01-4, First published: 1984]

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‘No.3 CF-100 Canuck Canadian Profile’
by Jim Lyzun
[ISBN 0-920375-04-9, First published: 1985]

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‘No.4 – Canadair CF-5 Canadian Profile’
by Robert McIntyre
[ISBN 0-920375-02-2, First published: 1985]

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