African Air Review – Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 Mar/Apr 1980
History of the SAAF (2); African Air Forces – Rhodesia (1); African Air Force Insignia #23 Sudan [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.2 May/Jun 1980
History of the SAAF (3); African Air Forces – Rhodesia (2) [40 pages]
Vol.1 No.3 Jul/Aug 1980
African Air Forces – Rhodesia (3) [24 pages]
Vol.1 No.4 Sept/Oct 1980
African Air Forces – Rhodesia (4) (Vampire FB.9 & T.11 aircraft histories) [24 pages]
Vol.1 No.5 Nov/Dec 1980
Aircraft of the SAAF – Beaufort Mk.1 (individual a/c histories) [24 pages]
Vol.1 No.6 Jan/Feb 1981
SAAF Squadron Histories – 28 Sqn; African Air Forces – Rhodesia [24 pages]
Vol.1 No.7 Mar/Apr 1981
Aircraft of the Rhodesian Air Force – The Canberra [24 pages]
Vol.1 No.8 May/June 1981
No information [24 pages]
Vol.1 No.9 July/August 1981
SAAF Lodestars (history & serials list) [24 pages]
Vol.1 No.10 September/October 1981
No information [20 pages]
Vol.1 No.11/12 November/December 1981
Aircraft of the SAAF: The DH-9 [16 pages]
Vol.2 No.1/2 January/February 1982
Aircraft of the SAAF: The DH-9 part 2; African Air Forces – Kenya (1) (serials list) [20 pages]
Vol.2 No.3/4 March/April 1982
African Air Forces – Kenya (2) (serials list); Military Aircraft – The Hawker Hunter; Aircraft of the SAAF: The DH-4 [20 pages]
Vol.2 No.5/7 5-7/1982
Aircraft of the SAAF: DH4 & 9 Variants (no pics); African Air Forces: Zambia (individual aircraft histories) [24 pages]
Vol.2 No.8-11 1982
Aircraft of the SAAF: Avro 504 (no drwgs); African Air Forces: Tanzanian People’s Defence Force Air Wing (individual aircraft histories) [24 pages]
Vol.2 No.12 1982
Aircraft of the SAAF – SE5a (no drwgs); Military aviation news [16 pages]
Vol.3 No.1 1983
No information
Vol.3 No.2 1983
Aircraft of the SAAF – BE2e (no drwgs) [20 pages]
Vol.3 No.3 October 1983
No information
Vol.3 No.4/6 4-6/1983
Aircraft of the SAAF Museum – The Sikorsky S-51 serial A-1 (no drwgs); SAAF Squadrons – No.2 Squadron (very short history) [20 pages]
Vol.3 No.7-9 7-9/1983
SAAF Squadrons (No.1 Sqn very short history); The DHC-4 Caribou in Africa (civil & military listing); Current Botswana Civil Register; Executive Turboprops in South Africa – August 1983; SAAF News; Museum News; Aircraft of the SAAF Museum; Africa News [20 pages]
Vol.3 No.10-12 10-12/1983
Aircraft of the SAAF – Alouette III (no drwgs); News; Ciskei Goverment Aircraft (listing); [20 pages]
Vol.4 No.1-3 1-3/1984
African Air Forces – Lesotho (aircraft list); Aviation in Lesotho (airports map); South African Registers (Lesotho civil register); News [20 pages]
Vol.4 No.4-6 4-6/1984
SAAF Squadrons: No.44 (short history); Southern African News [20 pages]
Vol.4 No.7-9 7-9/1984
Aircraft of the SAAF – The Last of the ‘Dazzle’ Daks (target tug Dakota); New Colour Scheme for the Silver Falcons (SAAF aerobatic team with Impalas) [24 pages]
Vol.4 No.10-12 10-12/1984
The Shackleton Retires [20 pages]
Vol.5 No.1-3 1-3/1985
No information
Vol.5 No.4-6 4-6/1985
No information [20 pages]
Vol.5 No.7-9 7-9/1985
No information
Vol.5 No.10-12 10-12/1985
Military Aviation: Angola (combat losses list) [20 pages]
Vol.6 No.1 1/1986
No information
Vol.6 No.2 2/1986
No information
Vol.6 No.3 3/1986
African News [8 pages]
Vol.6 No.4 4/1986
African News [4 pages]
Vol.6 No.5 5/1986
No information [8 pages]
Vol.6 No.6 6/1986
African News [8 pages]
Vol.6 No.7 7/1986
African News [12 pages]
Vol.6 No.8 8/1986
No information
Vol.6 No.9/10 9-10/1986
African News [8 pages]
Vol.6 No.11/12 11-12/1986
African News [8 pages]
Vol.5 No.1 January 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.2 February 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.3 March 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.4 April 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.5 May 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.6 June 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.7 July 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.8 August 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.9 September 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.10 October 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.11 November 1979
No information
Vol.5 No.12 December 1979
No information
Vol.6 No.1 January 1980
No information
Vol.6 No.2 February 1980
No information

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