Why to choose a Pilot School in Barcelona, Spain?

EAS Barcelona pilot school

Becoming a pilot in Barcelona

If you are dreaming to become a pilot its time to research which school and where do you want to study?

If you are based in UK, Ireland or Scandinavia weather limitation might stay on the way and it will take much longer to complete your pilot training.

Barcelona offers 300 sunny days a year, professional flight schools, new fleet and affordable pilot courses.

ATPL vs Modular course

ATPL course is one of the most popular full-time pilot courses on the market and lasts just 18 months. If you are a working professional and want to combine your job and become a pilot, there are great choice of Modular courses available which will allow you to achieve the same goal without compromising your work.

EAS Barcelona – European Aviation School of Barcelona

European Aviation School of Barcelona is located right in the center of Barcelona (next to the largest Sants train station), offers the newest fleet, expert instructors and theory tutors with over 20 years experience and would be a great choice for those who want to become a pilot in the shortest time frames possible with the highest quality standards there are on the market today. You can even “visit” the school and “see” its fleet through the virtual tours.

EAS Barcelona pilot school
EAS Barcelona pilot school

Flying School

of the Lebanese Air Force


The Ecole de l’Air (Flying School) was first established in 1949 as a pilot training unit with Percival Proctor and Prentice aircraft. In 1950 these were supplemented by Chipmunk T.30s and fully replaced by the Harvard in 1952. A single Vampire T.55 allowed jet training to start in 1954. In 1975 the existing fleet was replaced by the Bulldog. The Bulldogs were retired in 2000, leaving no fixed-wing training aircraft.


Type Qty Service Example Serials
Prentice 3 1949 – 1952  
Proctor IV 3 1949 – 19??  
Chipmunk T.30 3 1950 – 1974  
Harvard II 16 1952 – 1967  
Vampire T.55 4 1954 – 1967?  
Chipmunk T.20 3 196? – 1974  
SA Bulldog 126 6 1975 – 2000  

Unit Markings

Figure 1
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Main Bases

Base Duration
Rayak 1949 – 1983
Beirut IAP (Kaldeh) 1983 – 1983
Halate 1983 – 1990
Rayak 1990 – 2000

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