Cloud Space

A new addition to the Aeroflight website is now available: Aeroflight Cloud brings all the benefits of cloud computing to the aviation enthusiast community. Aeroflight Cloud is a collaborative workspace for the recording and dissemination of current and historical aviation knowledge. Hosted on Google Drive, it allows multiple users to simultaneously add, correct and verify information on Google Sheets, Docs and Slides in a controlled manner. In addition, Google Photos is available for use with illustrations.

Topics covered include:

Aircraft Types and Production Lists

Civil Aircraft Registers
Military Aircraft Registers
Operator Inventories

Aero Engines
Air Events
Aircraft Accidents
Aircraft Armament
Aircraft Equipment
Aircraft Operators
Aircraft Preservation
Aircraft Production
Aircraft Selection Contests
Aircraft Types
Airfields and Bases
Aviation Media (Books, Magazines etc)
Aviation Units

Aviation History Knowledge Map

Designation Systems
Files in Country Order
General Info

Replicas and Mockup Aircraft:
01 Company Mockup Aircraft Database
02 Aircraft Travelling Exhibits Database
03 Replica Register – Register of Replica Aircraft
Full Scale Model (FSM) Aircraft Manufacturers Database
Replica Aircraft Manufacturers Database

Scale Aircraft Models

Unregistered Aircraft

Aeroflight Cloud is a limited access feature – contact the editor to get involved.

[You don’t need Chrome – it works fine on Firefox and other browsers].