A-Z Listing for Countries

This page lists all the sovereign countries and states of the world since 1900 which have, or had, some aviation activity within their borders. This list also includes countries which have subsequently split into smaller nations or which have amalgamated into larger nations.

A list of the non-sovereign overseas territories of the world since 1900 is also available.

Country Region Status
Abu Dhabi Middle East current
Afghanistan South Asia current
Albania Europe current
Algeria Africa current
Angola Africa current
Antigua & Barbuda Americas current
Argentina Americas current
Armenia CIS current
Australia Oceania current
Austria Europe current
Azerbaijan CIS current
Bahamas Americas current
Bahrain Middle East current
Bangladesh South Asia current
Barbados Americas current
Belarus CIS current
Belgium Europe current
Belize Americas current
Benin Africa current
Bhutan South Asia current
Biafra Africa historical
Bolivia Americas current
Bophuthatswana Africa historical
Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe current
Botswana Africa current
Brazil Americas current
Brunei East Asia current
Bulgaria Europe current
Burkina Faso Africa current
Burundi Africa
Cambodia East Asia current
Cameroon Africa current
Canada Americas current
Cape Verde Africa current
Central African Republic Africa current
Chad Africa current
Chechnya CIS historical
Chile Americas current
China East Asia current
Ciskei Africa historical
Colombia Americas current
Comoros Africa current
Costa Rica Americas current
Cote d’Ivoire Africa current
Croatia Europe current
Cuba Americas current
Cyprus Europe current
Czech Republic Europe current
Czechoslovakia Europe historical
Democratic Republic of Congo Africa current


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