A-Z Listing for Countries

This page lists all the sovereign countries and states of the world since 1900 which have, or had, some aviation activity within their borders. This list also includes countries which have subsequently split into smaller nations or which have amalgamated into larger nations.

A list of the non-sovereign overseas territories of the world since 1900 is also available.

Country Region Status
Denmark Europe current
Djibouti Africa current
Dominica Americas current
Dominican Republic Americas current
Dubai Middle East current
East Germany Europe historical
Ecuador Americas current
Egypt Africa current
El Salvador Americas current
Equatorial Guinea Africa current
Eritrea Africa current
Estonia Europe current
Ethiopia Africa current
Fiji Oceania current
Finland Europe current
France Europe current
Gabon Africa current
Gambia Africa current
Georgia CIS current
Germany Europe current
Ghana Africa current
Greece Europe current
Grenada Americas current
Guatemala Americas current
Guinea Africa current
Guinea-Bissau Africa current
Guyana Americas current
Haiti Americas current
Honduras Americas current
Hungary Europe current
Iceland Europe current
India South Asia current
Indonesia East Asia current
Iran Middle East current
Iraq Middle East current
Ireland Europe current
Israel Middle East current
Italy Europe current
Jamaica Americas current
Japan East Asia current
Jordan Middle East current
Katanga Africa historical
Kazakhstan CIS current
Kenya Africa current
Kiribati Oceania current
Kosovo Europe current
Kuwait Middle East current
Kyrgyzstan CIS current
Laos East Asia current
Latvia Europe current


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