A-Z Listing for Countries

This page lists all the sovereign countries and states of the world since 1900 which have, or had, some aviation activity within their borders. This list also includes countries which have subsequently split into smaller nations or which have amalgamated into larger nations.

A list of the non-sovereign overseas territories of the world since 1900 is also available.

Country Region Status
Lebanon Middle East current
Lesotho Africa current
Liberia Africa current
Libya Africa current
Lithuania Europe current
Luxembourg Europe current
Macedonia Europe current
Madagascar Africa current
Malawi Africa current
Malaysia East Asia current
Maldives South Asia current
Mali Africa current
Malta Europe current
Manchukuo East Asia historical
Marshall Islands Oceania current
Mauritania Africa current
Mauritius Africa current
Mexico Americas current
Micronesia Oceania current
Moldova CIS current
Mongolia East Asia current
Montenegro Europe current
Morocco Africa current
Mozambique Africa current
Myanmar East Asia current
Namibia Africa current
Nauru Oceania current
Nepal South Asia current
Netherlands Europe current
New Zealand Oceania current
Nicaragua Americas current
Niger Africa current
Nigeria Africa current
North Korea East Asia current
North Vietnam East Asia
North Yemen Middle East historical
Norway Europe current
Oman Middle East current
Pakistan South Asia current
Palau Oceania current
Panama Americas current
Papua New Guinea Oceania current
Paraguay Americas current
Peru Americas current
Philippines East Asia current
Poland Europe current
Portugal Europe current
Qatar Middle East current
Ras Al Khaimah Middle East current
Republic of Congo Africa current


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