A-Z Listing for Countries

This page lists all the sovereign countries and states of the world since 1900 which have, or had, some aviation activity within their borders. This list also includes countries which have subsequently split into smaller nations or which have amalgamated into larger nations.

A list of the non-sovereign overseas territories of the world since 1900 is also available.

Country Region Status
Russia CIS
Rwanda Africa current
Saint Kitts & Nevis Americas current
Saint Lucia Americas current
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Americas current
Samoa Oceania current
San Marino Europe
Sao Tome & Principe Africa current
Saudi Arabia Middle East current
Senegal Africa current
Serbia Europe current
Seychelles Africa current
Sharjah Middle East current
Sierra Leone Africa current
Singapore East Asia current
Slovakia Europe current
Slovenia Europe current
Solomon Islands Oceania current
Somalia Africa current
South Africa Africa current
South Korea East Asia current
South Sudan Africa current
South Vietnam East Asia historical
South Yemen Middle East historical
Spain Europe current
Sri Lanka South Asia current
Sudan Africa current
Suriname Americas current
Swaziland Africa current
Sweden Europe current
Switzerland Europe current
Syria Middle East current
Taiwan East Asia current
Tajikistan CIS current
Tanzania Africa current
Thailand East Asia current
Tibet South Asia historical
Timor-Leste East Asia current
Togo Africa current
Tonga Oceania current
Transkei Africa historical
Trinidad & Tobago Americas current
Tunisia Africa current
Turkey Europe current
Turkmenistan CIS current
Tuvalu Oceania current
Uganda Africa current
Ukraine CIS current
Umm al Quwain Middle East current


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