Austria Key Dates

3 November 1918    Hapsburg empire surrenders at the end of World War I.
12 November 1918    ‘Republic of German Austria’ created from German-speaking part of the former empire.
10 September 1919    Treaty of St Germain defines Austria’s borders.
21 October 1919    Name of the country changed to Republic of Austria.
10 November 1920    Parliamentary democracy established under new constitution.
1929    Start of the Great Depression, which affects the country very badly.
1932    Engelbert Dollfuss becomes Chancellor.
1933    Unemployment reaches almost 25%.
February 1934    Socialist uprising crushed by government forces.
April 1934    Chancellor Dollfuss establishes a dictatorship.
1 May 1934    Name of country changed to Federal State of Austria.
25 July 1934    Dollfuss assassinated in attempted Nazi coup.
13 March 1938    Anschluss – Austria incorporated into Nazi Germany.
1939    Austria becomes the region of ‘Ostmark’ within Germany.
13 April 1945    Soviet troops liberate Vienna.
April 1945    Soviet, British, US and French forces take-up occupation of Austria.
27 April 1945    Proclamation of independence from Germany. Second Republic established.
1950    Attempted communist coup fails.
15 May 1955    State Treaty signed, ending four-power occupation and establishing neutrality.
27 July 1955    Austria regains full independence from occupying powers.
21 September 1955    Last of Allied occupying forces leave Austria.
25 October 1955    Austria regains full sovereignty.
1955    Austria joins the United Nations.
1 January 1995    Austria joins the European Union.
February 1995    Austria joins NATO’s Partnerships for Peace program.
January 2002    Austria introduces the euro as it’s official currency.
August 2002    Devastating floods as Danube bursts it’s banks after torrential rain.

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