Austria National History

Since 1246 the Hapsburg Empire had been centred on Vienna. In 1867 the Empire became the dual monarchy of Austro-Hungary, with imperial rule shared between Vienna and Budapest. The assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand on 28 June 1914 triggered the First World War. Austro-Hungary allied itself with Germany and Turkey, and the three were known as the Central Powers. Defeat brought with it the breakup of the Empire. Austria became a republic on 30 October 1918, concentrated on the German speaking area of the former Empire. In 1933 parliament was replaced by an authoritarian regime under Chancellor Dollfuss. In March 1938 Austria was annexed by the German Reich. The country was liberated by Western and Russian forces in 1945. A republic was re-established on 27 April 1945. In July 1955 the USSR ended its occupation, on condition that Austria remained strictly neutral.

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