Bahamas Key Dates

12 October 1492    Christopher Columbus arrived on the island of Samana Cay/The Bahamas and made it a Spanish colony.
1649    The town of Eleuthera was founded as first permanent settlement.
1833    The Abolition of Slavery Act of 1833 and the termination of post-abolition apprentice- ships and indentured servanthood in 1838 marked the end of slavery in the Bahamas.
1967   Lynden Pindling of the PLP was elected Prime Minister and won five subsequent elections.
10 July 1973    The Bahamas became an independent nation.
August 1992   Hubert Ingraham of the FNM became Prime Minister.
May 2002   The PLP resumed control of the government with an overwhelming majority in the House of Assembly. The current premier is Perry Christie.

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