Bahrain Key Dates

1st Century    Bahrain known by the Greeks and Romans.
7th Century    Arabs begin to settle in Bahrain.
1521    Portuguese base established.
1602    Bahrain captured by the Persians with British help.
1700s    Ottoman (Turkish) Empire takes control of the area.
1782    Arab Al-Khalifah dynasty assumes control of Bahrain.
1816    First Treaty with the British signed by Bahrain.
1861    Bahrain becomes a British protectorate.
1913    Treaty between Britain and Turkey recognises Bahrain as an independent state.
1932    Bahrain is the first country in the Gulf to strike oil.
1934    British naval base established.
1968    British forces withdraw from the Gulf region.
1970    Council of State established.
15 August 1971    Bahrain is granted full independence by Britain.
1971    Bahrain becomes a member of the United Nations.
1973    Partly elected National Assembly created.
1973-1974    Bahrain participates in oil embargo on Western states.
1975    National Assembly dissolved.
1978    Oil industry partly nationalised.
March 1981    Bahrain is a founder member of Gulf Cooperation Council.
2 August 1990    Iraq invades Kuwait.
August 1990-mid 1991    Bahrain hosts British forces before and during the Gulf War.
1995-1996    Shi’a protests over Sunni political dominance.
February 2001    Referendum backs move to constitutional monarchy.
14 February 2002    Bahrain becomes constitutional monarchy.

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