Denmark Key Dates

12,000 BC    First humans settle in the coastal regions of the southern Baltic.
250 AD    Danish people and language have become established.
700 AD    Strong Danish kingdom starts to dominate trade in the sourthern North Sea.
793 AD    Danish pirates known as Vikings begin raiding throughout Western Europe.
865 AD    Large Danish army lands in England to extract tribute, but later settles there.
c. 965 AD    King Harold Bluetooth converts to Christianity.
970 AD    King Harold Bluetooth establishes unified kingdom of Denmark.
1013    Conquest of England by Svend Forkbeard.
1018-35    Denmark, Norway and Sweden united under King Canute I. Unity ends after his death.
1241    Danish empire extends to Estonia.
1380    Iceland united with Denmark.
1397    Kalmar Union – uniting Denmark, Norway and Sweden under the Danish crown.
1523    Sweden wins independence from Denmark.
1536    Lutheranism adopted as state religion.
1660    Treaty of Copenhagen – sets modern borders for Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
1729    Greenland becomes Danish province.
1803    Denmark sides with Napoleon in Napoleonic Wars.
1814    Peace of Kiel – Denmark forced to cede Norway to Swedish rule.
1848-51    Denmark loses a war with Prussia over status of Schleswig.
1849    First democratic constitution – constitutional monarchy introduced.
1850    Rapid industrialisation begins.
1864    Denmark attacked by Austria and Prussia and forced to cede provinces of Schleswig and Holstein to Prussia.
1914    Denmark neutral in World War I.
1920    Northern Schleswig votes to return to Danish rule.
1920    Denmark joins League of Nations.
31 March 1939    Denmark signs 10-year non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany.
September 1939    Denmark neutral in World War II.
April 1940    Germany invades and occupies Denmark. Danish government accepts occupation in return for some control of domestic affairs.
1943    Success of Danish Resistance campaign forces Germany to take full control.
1944    Iceland declares independence from Denmark.
May 1945    Germany surrenders. Denmark recognises Icelandic independence.
1945    Denmark joins United Nations.
1948    Faeroe Islands granted home rule within the Danish state.
4 April 1949    Denmark becomes a founder member of NATO.
1952    Denmark becomes a founder member of Nordic Council.
1953    Greenland becomes integral part of Denmark.
1959    Denmark joins EFTA.
1 January 1975    Denmarks joins the EEC.
1979    Greenland granted home rule.
2000    Adoption of the Euro rejected in a referendum.
2003    Denmark participates in invasion of Iraq.

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