France Key Dates

1870    Franco-Prussian War starts.
1871    Franco-Prussian War ends with the defeat of France.
August 1914    Germany invades France at the start of World War I.
11 November 1918    German surrender ends World War I.
3 September 1939    After German invasion of Poland, France declares war on Germany – start of World War II.
10 May 1940    Nazi Germany invades France.
18 June 1940    General de Gaulle appeals for continued resistance to the German invasion.
23 June 1940    France surrenders in return for some control of domestic affairs – puppet Vichy government created.
1940    Free French forces established in Britain.
7 November 1942    Operation Torch – Allied invasion of French North Africa begins.
27 November 1942    Vichy government replaced by German direct rule.
6 June 1944    Operation Overlord – Allied invasion of Normandy begins.
18 August 1944    Operation Dragoon – Allied invasion of Southern France.
25 August 1944    Paris liberated from German occupation.
May 1945    Germany surrenders – end of World War II in Europe.
1945-1954    France tries to re-establish control of Indochina.
1951    France joins NATO.
1956    Britain and France invade Egypt in Suez Campaign.
1 November 1954    Algerian War of Independence begins.
1962    Algeria given independence from France.

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