Germany National History

Former collection of German speaking principalities, which united in 1870 as the German Empire. Established some colonies in Eastern and Southern Africa and Australasia. Alliance with Austro-Hungarian Empire as the Central Powers. Alliance results in invasion of France August 1914 – start of First World War. March 1918 victory over Russia. 11 November 1918 Germany defeated and occupied by the Allies. Republic declared (Weimar Republic). All colonies lost during war. June 1919 Treaty of Versailles signed – loss of territory and most of military power. 1926 Treaty of friendship with USSR. March 1933 Nazi Party takes power. Military strength rebuilt. 1936 Rhineland reoccupied withour resistance. March 1938 Austria annexed. August 1938 Munich Agreement. March 1939 occupation of Czechoslovakia. August 1939 German-Soviet non-aggression pact. 1 September 1939 invasion of Poland – start of Second World War. 9 April 1940 invasion of Norway and Denmark. 10 May 1940 invasion of Belgium, France and Netherlands. Military alliance with Italy as the Axis Powers. Late 1940 Germany aids Italian operations in the Mediterranean. Mid 1941 invasion of Russia. 6 June 1944 Allies invade France. 8 May 1945 Germany surrenders. French/British/American occupied zones united 1947. 1948-49 Berlin Airlift. 1949 Russian occupied zone becomes East Germany (DDR), western zone becomes West Germany (FRG). East Germany founder member of Warsaw Pact alliance. West Germany joined NATO 1956. Founder member of European Community. 1990 East Germany unites with West Germany. 1997 Capital city moved from Bonn to Berlin.

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