Greece National History

1829 small Greek state achieved independence from Turkish rule. 1908 union with Crete. August 1909 Greek army forces change of government. Involved in Balkan wars 1912-1913, resulting in acquisition of territory which nearly doubled Greece’s size. Initially neutral in First World War. June 1917 formally joined Allied coalition in World War 1 – fighting against Turkey and German-Bulgarian forces. 1921-1922 Greco-Turkish war. Peace Treaty signed 24 July 1923. 25 March 1924 Republic declared. 3 Nov 1935 Monarchy restored. April 1936-January 1941 Metaxas dictatorship. Invaded by Italy 28 November 1940 Assisted by British forces, defenders hold off attackers.. 6 April 1941 German attack on Greece. 23 April 1941 Greece defeated and British withdraw. Liberated October 1944. 1944-1949 civil war – communists attempt to seize power by force. Economic and military aid from USA. Summer 1949 communists overwhelmed. Joined NATO in 1952. April 1967 military coup. 1974 tension with Turkey during Turkish invasion of Cyprus – no war was declared. Confrontation led to restoration of democracy July 1974 and partial withdrawal from NATO. October 1980 re-integrated into NATO. Joined European Community in 1981.

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