Belize Key Dates

Circa 2500 B.C.    Basic institutions of Mayan civilization emerged.
1525    Hernán Cortés passed through the southwestern corner of present-day Belize.
1527    Conquest of Yucatán began and Belize became part of the Spanish Empire.
1638    A period of resistance began in Tipu, and by 1642, the entire province of Dzuluinicob was in a state of rebellion.
1638    Peter Wallace, called "Ballis" by the Spanish, gave his name to the Belize River.
1650s    Buccaneers stopped plundering Spanish logwood ships and started cutting their own wood in the 1650s and 1660s.
1667    The city of Belize was founded.
1670    The 1670 Godolphin Treaty between Spain and England confirmed English possession of countries and islands in the Western Hemisphere that England already occupied.
10 February 1763    At the end of the Seven Years’ War, the Treaty of Paris conceded to Britain the right to cut and export logwood but asserted Spanish sovereignty over the territory.
10 September 1798    Seabattle between Spain and Britain at Saint George’s Cay, which Spain lost and Belize became British-Honduras under British rule.
5 July 1831    The "Coloured Subjects of Free Condition" were granted civil rights.
1854    The Legislative Assembly of Belize was to have eighteen elected members.
1862    The Settlement of Belize in the Bay of Honduras was declared a British colony called British Honduras, subordinate to the governor of Jamaica.
1866    One group of Maya, led by Marcos Canul, attacked a mahogany camp on the Bravo River.
1867    More than 300 British troops marched into the Yalbac Hills and destroyed the Mayan villages.
1 September 1872    Canul, mortally wounded, died. That battle was the last serious attack on the colony.
10 September 1931    The worst hurricane in the country’s recent history demolished Belize Town.
1950    The People’s United Party (PUP) was formed by George C. Price.
1970    Belmopán became new capitol of Belize.
1 June 1973    The colony’s name was changed to Belize in anticipation of independence.
21 September 1981    Belize became an independent state.
1994    British Forces Belize was disbanded.
August 1998    PUP government led by Said Musa took office.
March 2003    The victory in election was repeated at the most recent poll.

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