Chile Key Dates

21 October 1520    Chile’s first known European discoverer, Ferdinand Magellan, stopped there during his voyage.
12 February 1541    Santiago was founded.
1541    Pedro de Valdivia (1541-53) became the first governor of the captaincy general of Chile, which was the colonial name until 1609.
1553 – 1558    Uprising of the native Araucania indians.
1578    Sir Francis Drake raided on Valparaíso.
13 May 1647    Santiago was almost completely destroyed by an earthquake.
1700    The Habsburg dynasty’s rule over Spain ended.
18 September 1810    Chile declared its independence.
1814    Spanish troops from Peru took contrrol of Chile again.
12 February 1817    José de San Martín, whose army freed Chile with a daring assault over the Andes, defeating the Spaniards at the Battle of Chacabuco.
12 February 1818    Chile became an independent state and Bernardo O’Higgins its first president.
1879 – 1883    War of the Pacific ended with the Treaty of Ancón.
1882    The final defeat of the Mapuche opened up the southern third of the national territory.
1932    The 1925 constitution took full effect and was the second major charter in Chilean history, lasting until 1973
1970    Salvador Allende Gossens became president.
11 September 1973    General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte ousted President Allende in an military coup d’état and became president.
1990    Patricio Aylwin Azocár became president.
1998    General Augusto Pinochet Ugarte was arrested in London but returned to Chile in 2000
2006    Michelle Bachelet became first woman president,

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