Ecuador Key Dates

1463    The conquest of Ecuador began under the leadership of the ninth Inca, the great warrior Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui.
1532    Francisco Pizarro’s conquering expedition for Spain. He founded the first Spanish settlement in Ecuador, San Miguel de Tangarará.
29 August 1533    Spaniards garrotted Atahualpa.
1563    Ecuador was awarded its own audiencia, allowing it to deal directly with Madrid on certain matters.
1720    The Quito Audiencia was transferred from the authority of the Peruvian viceroyalty to the newly created Viceroyalty of Nueva Granada, whose capital was in Bogotá.
24 May 1822    The last president of the Audiencia of Quito signed a formal capitulation of his forces before Marshal Sucre. Ecuador was at last free of Spanish rule.
1829    The Treaty of 1829 fixed the border on the line that had divided the Quito audiencia and the Viceroyalty of Peru before independence.
1851    General José María Urbina became president.
1925    Bloodless coup d’état by theLeague of Young Officers.
September 1934    José María Velasco Ibarra became president.
1940    President Carlos Alberto Arroyo del Río allowed the United States to build a naval base on the Galápagos Islands and an air base at Salinas on the Ecuadorian mainland.
5 July – 31 July 1941    Peruvian invasion. A ceasefire went into effect on July 31.
September 1948    Galo Plaza Lasso became president.
22 June 1970    José María Velasco Ibarra dismissed Congress and the Supreme Court and assumed dictatorial powers.
1973    Ecuador became a member of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
11 January 1976    A bloodless coup was successful in removing Rodríguez Lara. He was replaced by a Supreme Council of Government consisting of the commanders of the three armed services.
10 August 1984    León Febres Cordero Ribadeneyra became president.
May 1996    Presidential election was won by the Bucaram Ortiz.
2003    Lucio Gutierrez was elected to the presidency.
20 April 2005    Lucio Gutierrez was replaced by Vice President Alfredo Palacio.

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