El Salvador Key Dates

 about 5500 B.C.    Different tribes live in El Salvador
about 3000 B.C.    The Pipil were a subgroup of a nomadic people known as the Nahua, who had migrated into Central America about 3000 B.C
June 1524    Pedro de Alvarado invaded El Salvador and was defeated
1525    San Salvador was founded
1528    El Salvador became a Spanish colony
15 September 1821    El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala declare their independence from Spain and became members of the Empire of Mexico
1 July 1823    United Provinces of Central America (Costa Rica, El Salcador, Nicaragua, Guatemala and Honduras) declared their independence from Mexico
1833    Aquino led a brief but violent uprising.
1895    El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua formed the "Greater Republic of Central America" (República Mayor de Centroamerica) via the Pact of Amapala.
1912    Creation of the National Guard (Guardia Nacional–GN)
18 January 1932    After a communist uprising, rebel leaders were arrested.
14 December 1948    President Castaneda was ousted from power by military officers, referred to itself as the Military Youth (Juventud Militar)
14 July 1969    Early on the morning of July 14, 1969, El Salvador started concerted military action in what came to be known as the Soccer War
18 July 1969    A cease-fire was arranged on the night of July 18
25 March 1972    A group of young army officers, led by Colonel Benjamin Mejia, launched a coup.
15 October 1979    This new Military Youth deposed President Romero in a coup.
24 March 1980    Archbishop of San Salvador, Oscar Arnulfo Romero y Galdamez was assassinated by right-wing death-squard.
10 January 1981    FMLN guerrilla offensive began. Start of a twelve year civil war.
7 August 1987    Central American Peace Agreement was signed by Duarte on behalf of El Salvador.
October 1989    Alfredo Cristiani, the ARENA (right-wing) party’s candidate won the elections
November 1989    The FMLN launched an offensive occupying several areas of the capital and surrounding regions. The Government responded by bombing several densely populated areas of the capital. Six Jesuits, including the rector of the University of Central America, Ignacio Ellacuria, were tortured and killed by heavily armed soldiers.
27 April 1991    Representatives of the Government and the Farabundo Marti Front signed the "Mexico Agreements" restricting the function of the Armed Forces to the defence of national sovereignty and territorial integrity.
1 January 1992    After 21 weeks of negotiation and 12 years of civil war, both parties met in New York to sign agreements and covenants establishing peace in El Salvador
16 January 1992    The final agreements were signed in the Mexican city of Chapultepec
15 February 1993    The last 1,700 armed rebels turned over their weapons in a ceremony which was attended by several Central American heads of State and by UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali.
20 March 1994    First elections since the civil war were held.
March 1999    Francisco Flores, of the ARENA party, at the age of 39, became the youngest president in South America.

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