Malta Key Dates

6-8000 BC    Many prehistoric megaliths erected on Malta.
C. 900 BC    Malta colonised by the Phoenicians. Subsequently controlled by the Carthaginians and then the Greeks.
C. 218 BC    Malta captured by the Romans. Malta later formed part of the Byzantine Empire.
870 AD    Malta overrun by Arab (Saracen) forces.
1090 AD    Malta taken by the Norman Kingdom of Sicily.
1530    Malta given to the Knights Hospitallers of St John by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.
1565    The Knights on Malta hold out against a Turkish siege.
June 1798    Malta is occupied French forces under Napoleon Bonaparte.
1800    British forces capture Malta from the French.
1814    Malta is recognised as a British colony in the Treaty of Paris.
1921    Malta receives dominion government.
1933    Malta reverts to the status of Crown Colony.
1941-1942    Malta is besieged and fiercely bombarded by German and Italian aircraft.
15 April 1942    George Cross medal awarded to the island for gallantry in World War 2.
September 1947    Internal self-government for Malta established.
21 September 1964    Malta achieves full independence within the British Commonwealth.
1965    Malta becomes a member of the United Nations.
1971    The Maltese Labour party takes power. A policy of non-alignment is adopted. Close relations with China and Libya are developed.
13 December 1974    Malta becomes a Republic.
31 March 1979    Withdrawal of the last British military presence from Malta.
August 1980    Ties with Libya ended due to territorial dispute.
1987    The pro-western Maltese Nationalist party regains power.

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