Poland Key Dates

1795    Poland divided by Russia, Prussia and Austria.
November 1918    Polish state established with German help.
1919    Polish independence recognised by Versailles Treaty.
1920    Peace treaty ends conflict over eastern border.
1 September 1939    Nazi Germany invades and occupies Poland.
1944    Advancing Soviet forces move onto Polish territory.
December 1944    Communist-dominated Polish provisional government created.
July 1945    The Allies formally recognise the Polish provisional government.
January 1947    Hardline Stalinists win Polish elections.
May 1955    Poland joins the Warsaw Pact.
31 August 1980    Gdansk agreement between workers and Polish Government.
December 1981    Polish government declares martial law.
July 1983    Martial law lifted.
June 1989    Solidarity wins multi-party elections.
12 March 1999    Poland joins NATO.

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