Country Profile

Republic of Bolivia
(República de Bolivia)

Key Facts

Date of Independence:
21 July 1847
Capital City:
Total Area Ranking:
28 of 236 in the World
Population Size Ranking:
82 of 242 in the World

The Country


Bolivia is landlocked and Brazil forms its eastern border; its other neighbors are Peru and Chile on the west and Argentina and Paraguay on the south. The western part, enclosed by two chains of the Andes, is a great plateau—the Altiplano, with an average altitude of 12,000 ft (3,658 m). Almost half the population lives on the plateau, which contains Oruro, Potosí, and La Paz. The Oriente, a lowland region ranging from rain forests to grasslands, comprises the northern and eastern two-thirds of the country. Lake Titicaca, at an altitude of 12,507 ft (3,812 m), is the highest commercially navigable body of water in the world.

The country is located between 58° to 69° western geographic longitude and 10° to 23° southern geographic latitude and has an area of 1.098.578 square kilometres (682.727 square miles). The latitude and longitude of the capital, Sucre (legal capital and seat of judiciary), are about 65°15′ W and 19°03′ S. La Paz is the seat of the government and the latitude and longitude are about 68°09′ W and 16°31′ S.

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National History

Summary Narrative History

Timeline – Key Dates in Bolivian History

Further National Information

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Text to be added on the development of aviation in Bolivia.


Civil Aircraft Registrations

The registration prefix ‘C-B’ was used from 1919 to 1929, with numerical registrations.
The registration prefix ‘CB-‘ was used from 1929 to 1954; eg:CB-VAAA to CB-VZZZ.
The registration prefix ‘CP-‘ is used from 1954 to present; eg:CP-1 to CP-9999.

All-time Bolivia – civil aircraft register (C-Bnn CB-nnn CP-nnn).
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Aircraft Operators

Military Air Arms

Air Force (Fuerza Aérea Boliviana)
Naval Aviation (Aviación de las Fuerzas Navales Bolivianas)
Army Aviation (Aviación del Ejercito Boliviano)

Central Government Agencies

Government Aviation – VIP transport is provided by the Air Force

Public Service Aviation

Medical Aviation – a helicopter medical rescue is provided by the Air Force
Police Aviation (Servicio Aeropolicial)

Commercial Aviation

Aero Service Bolivia
Alas del Sur
Boliviana de Aviación
Compania Boliviana de Transporte Aereo Privado Aerosur SA (Aerosur)
North East Bolivian Airways (NEBA)
Servicio Aereo Vargas Espana (SAVE)

wikipedia: Airlines of Bolivia
The World’s Airlines: Bolivia

Private Aviation

To be added


Aircraft Manufacturers

None at present

Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Depots

None known.


Civil Airports & Airfields

Civil Airports and Airfields Listing
Airports in Bolivia

Military Air Bases & Airfields

Military Air Bases Listing

On Show

Aviation Museums

None at present

Airshow Dates:
Key Airshow Dates

More Information

Aviation-Related Magazines

Magazines Guide for Bolivia

Aviation Bibliography

Armed Forces of Latin America (Adrian English)

Latin-American Military Aviation (John Andrade)

Texan and Harvards in Latin America (Dan Hagedorn)

Aircraft of the Chaco War 1928-1935 (Dan Hagedorn / Antonio L. Sapienza)

World Air Forces Directory (Ian Carroll)

Military Balance (IISS)

World Air Power Journal 31, p.144-146

Web Links

The Latin American Aviation Historical Society

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    Aircraft list should include the 6 trainers CATIC Hongdu K-8VB “karakoram” incorporated in august 2011 as FAB-660 to 665 and assigned to GAC-34 (Cochabamba), 2 helicopters Robinson R44 incorporated in july 2011 as FAB-760 and 761 (first 2 of a batch of 6) and assigned to GAE-22 (Chimore), and 1 Boeing 727-200 (B722) incorporated in February 2011 as FAB-111, formerly Aerolineas Sudamericanas CP-2499 (currently under C check, probably assigned to TAM).
    GAE = Training Air Group
    GAC = Fichter Air Group


    Aircraft list should include 1 Fokker F-27-Mk200 “Friendship” formerly LAB CP-2013 (currently under C check and waiting for new Number assignment, probably EB-006). The EADS/CASA C212-200 listed as EB-005 was transferred to the Air Force in May 2011 (currently in storage and waiting for new Number assignment, probably FAB-112)

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