Country Profile

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
(Republika Makedonija)

Key Facts

Date of Independence:
8 September 1991
Capital City:
Total Area Ranking:
149 of 236 in the World
Population Size Ranking:
145 of 242 in the World

The Country


The Republic of Macedonia is a land-locked South-Eastern European state. It is situated in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. It borders the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia to the north, the Republic of Bulgaria to the east, the Republic of Greece to the south and the Republic of Albania to the west. Situated in this area of Europe and the Balkans, the Republic of Macedonia has a good geographical position. Such geographical features give broad opportunities for geographic connections, traffic communications and economic links. The Republic of Macedonia belongs to the group of small continental states, because it occupies an area of 25,713 km2 (9929 sq miles) and has a population of 1,945,932 inhabitants (according to the 1994 Census). Its population comprises 66.6% Macedonians, 22.7% Albanians, 4% Turks, 2.2% Romas, 2.1% Serbs and 2.4% others. The capital city is Skopje.

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National History

Summary Narrative History

Timeline – Key Dates in Macedonian History

Further National Information

BBC News Profile: Macedonia
wikipedia: Republic of Macedonia
wikipedia: History of the Republic of Macedonia
Macedonia FAQ

* The name ‘Macedonia’ is not officially recognised by the United Nations, due to the ojections of Greece, which has a province with the same name. The short-hand ‘FYR Macedonia’ or ‘FYROM’ are commonly used by international organisations such as NATO and the UN. Negotiations to settle the name issue are continuing.


Text to be added on the development of aviation in North Macedonia.


Civil Aircraft Registrations

The registration prefix ‘Z3-‘ has been used since 1992, eg: Z3-ARA.

All-time North Macedonia – civil aircraft register (Z3-aaa).
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Aircraft Operators

Military Air Arms

Air Force (Macedonian Air Force and Air Defence Forces)

Central Government Agencies

Government (Macedonian Government Aviation)
Macedonian Aeronautical Union (details to be added)

Public Service Aviation

Police Aviation (Macedonian Police Aviation Unit)

Commercial Aviation

Avioimpex – Macedonian Airways
MAT – Macedonian Airlines

wikipedia: Airlines of Macedonia
The World’s Airlines: Macedonia

Private Aviation

DOOEL BONIAIR Kumanovo Air Service Company


Aircraft Manufacturers

None at present

Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Depots

None known.


Civil Airports & Airfields

Skopje Airport
Ohrid Airport
Airports in Macedonia

Military Air Bases & Airfields

Military Air Bases Listing

On Show

Aviation Museums

None at present

Airshow Dates

Key Airshow Dates

More Information

Aviation-Related Magazines

Odbrana, official magazine of the Macedonian Ministry of Defence

Aviation Bibliography

Macedonia Aviation Bibliography

Web Links

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