Country Profile

Republic of Singapore
(Republik Singapura)

Key Facts

Date of Independence:
09 August 1965
Capital City:
Total Area Ranking:
190 of 236 in the World
Population Size Ranking:
116 of 242 in the World

The Country


Singapore is a city state located in Southeast Asia, off the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula. It comprises 63 islands, including the main island, Singapore Island, which is by far the largest, and Tekong Island, the next biggest. Singapore is bordered to the north, east and west by Malaysia and by the Singapore Strait to the south, which links the Andaman Sea and the South China Sea.

The terrain in Singapore is low and flat, with the highest natural point reaching 166 m (545 ft). Urbanisation has eliminated most of the original land features, but 5% of the land is set aside for nature reserves.

Singapore has a total land area of 710 sq km (274 sq miles) and had a population of 15.18 million in 2011. 63% of the population were citizens, while the other 37% were foreign workers or permanent residents. The main ethnic groups are Chinese 74%, Malay 13%, Indian 9% and Eurasians 3%. The capital city is Singapore.

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National History

Summary Narrative History

Timeline – Key Dates in Singapore History

Further National Information

BBC News Profile: Singapore
wikipedia: Singapore
wikipedia: History of Singapore


Text to be added on the development of aviation in Singapore.


Civil Aircraft Registrations

Singapore civil aircraft use the registration sequence 9V-AAA to 9V-ZZZ from 1970. Prior to independence the sequence VR-Sxx was used 1929 to 1965.

All-time Singapore – civil aircraft register (VR-Saa 9V-aaa) [TO BE ADDED].
[Get involved with the Aeroflight Cloud.]

Aircraft Operators

Military Air Arms

Air Force (Republic of Singapore Air Force)
Naval Aviation – the Air Force operates a number of helicopter from ships on behalf of the Navy.

Historical military air arms-
Reserve Aviation (Straits Settlements Volunteer Air Force) [1936-1939]

Central Government Agencies

Government Aviation – VIP transport is provided by Singapore Airlines
Coast Guard Aviation – the Police Coast Guard has no aviation unit
Flying School (Singapore Youth Flying Club)

Public Service Aviation

Medical Aviation – EMS helicopters are not used due to the small size of the island
Police Aviation – the Singapore Police Force has no aviation unit

Commercial Aviation

Air Singapore

wikipedia: Airlines of Singapore
The World’s Airlines: Singapore

Private Aviation

Private contractors for Government/Military Services-
Pacific Flight Services/ST Aerospace


Aircraft Manufacturers

None at present.

Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Depots

None known.


Civil Airports & Airfields

Airports in Singapore

Military Air Bases & Airfields

Military Air Bases Listing – to be added.

On Show

Aviation Museums

Republic of Singapore Air Force Museum
Singapore Discovery Centre
Singapore Science Centre

Airshow Dates

Key Airshow Dates

More Information

Aviation-Related Magazines

Magazines Guide for Singapore

Aviation Bibliography

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Web Links

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