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Kingdom of Tibet

Key Facts

Date of Independence:
01 January 1912
Capital City:
Total Area Ranking:
n/a of 236 in the World
Population Size Ranking:
n/a of 242 in the World

The Country


Tibet was an independent landlocked country in South Asia. It was bordered by India, Bhutan and Nepal to the south, India (now Pakistan) to the west, Burma (Mynamar) to the south east, and China to the north and east. In 1950 China invaded and occupied the country, and still mains control over the territory.

Tibet is located on the Tibetan Plateau, a vast elevated area which is the largest and highest plateau on earth, with an average height of 4,500 m (14,800 ft). The plateau is bordered to the south by the Himalayan mountain range, which which includes the world’s highest mountain – Mount Everest at 8,848 m (29,029 ft). The northern edge is defined by a broad mountain system. In the west and north west the plateau is dotted with numerous lakes, large and small, but generally of salt water. The land between the lakes is arid and tundra-like. The eastern region is crossed by the upper courses of several great rivers, which run through fertile valleys into neighbouring countries. The land area is 1,228,400 square kilometres (474,288 square miles).

The country has a population of 3.03 million (2011 figures). The population is made up of 92.8% Tibetan, 6.1% Han Chinese and 1.1% others. In terms of religion, 90% of the population is Buddhist, 5% Bon and 5% other (including Hindu, Moslem and Christian). The capital is Lhasa.

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National History

Summary Narrative History

Timeline – Key Dates in Tibetan History

Further National Information

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Text to be added on the development of aviation in Tibet.


Civil Aircraft Registrations:
Tibet does not appear to have been allocated a civil aircraft registration prefix by the International Commission on Air Navigation (ICAN) in 1929, when most other nations received theirs.

Aircraft Operators

Military Air Arms

None established before occupation

Central Government Agencies

Government Aviation – no VIP air tranport before occupation

Public Service Aviation

Medical Aviation – not applicable
Police – not applicable

Commercial Aviation

No pre-occupation airlines known

Private Aviation

To be added


Aircraft Manufacturers

Not applicable.

Aircraft Maintenance/Repair Depots

None known.


Civil Airports & Airfields

Airports in Tibet

Military Air Bases & Airfields

Military Air Bases Listing – to be added.

On Show

Aviation Museums

None known.

Airshow Dates

Not applicable.

More Information

Aviation-Related Magazines

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Aviation Bibliography

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