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Flight Safety

(Advanced flight concepts for the general aviation pilot)

General Aviation

Aardvark Aviation Home Page
(Light and commercial aircraft photographs archive)

Aerobankers - 1st National Bank of Pryor
(Aircraft financing info, classified ads, aircraft performance data, links, mailing lists)

Arc En Ciel Homepage
(Organisers of long distance air races - not upated since 2000)

Aviation Canada
(Discussion forum and noticeboard for Canadian pilots)

Aviation Communications
(Info on learning to fly, flight planning, flight schools, air space restrictions etc)

(Mid Atlantic Air Museum, Maryland area aviation news & info, pics, links)

Aviators Network(UK)
(Private flying news and info)

(Web magazine for aviators: news and articles)

CyberAir Airpark
(Misc. general aviation info, events, FAA info, links)

Davroz's Home Page
(Pics of light aircraft and scenic aerial views)

Experimental Aircraft Association Home Page
(EAA info, Oshkosh info)

FAA Information Services Home Page
(Links to FAA related info)

Foundation of Students in Aircraft Development
(Lambach HL-II aircraft pics, archive, replica info, links)

Landings - General Aviation Home Page
(Gliding, Aerobatics, Weather , FAA regs, GPS info, lots of links etc)

(Aircraft sales, jobs, training, weather, finance etc for pilots - English/French text)

AOPA Australia
(Australian private flying info & news)

Turbine Pilot Web Site
(Biz jet aircraft info & pics, airline links)

UK Airfield On Line
(Info on several UK airfields: pics, news, facilities, location, events etc)


Helicopter History Site
(History, manufacturers, pics, sound files, how it flies, links etc

Rotorcraft Page
(Modern autogyro news, pics, info)

Historical Societies

(Membership info, publications info)

Latin American Aviation Historical Society
(Web magazine of Latin American air forces history - illustrated articles, links etc)

Links to Other Sites

Aerolink Databank
(Commercial collection of 7000+ links)

Airparts Airlinks
(Large collection of aviation related links grouped by category)

(Aviationdirectory.com - 'yellow pages' listing for aviation businesses in USA)

Crazy Hobbies Link Exchange
(Up-to-date collection of useful aviation links)

Flight Now
(UK Aviation directory including classifieds)

Gate 10 - The Gateway To Airport Business
(Directory of 2000 airport related businesses)

(Links to all the aviation related web-rings)

Stalag 13 Aviation Links
(Very long list of aviation related links)

The Aviation Home Page
(Collection of lots of links)

Yahoo - Recreation: Aviation
(Index of links to aviation sites)


Airbus Industrie Home Page
(Overview, history, product info, news, photos, customer list etc )

The Bristol Aeroplane Company
(Biographies of the key people behind Bristol, bibliography, notes on surviving a/c etc)

Dassault Aviation Home Page
(Company, product & market info - including pics and movies)

(Company & product info, press releases, pics etc)

(Products, news, pics etc)

The Hugo Junkers Homepage
(Biography, aircraft, engines, prod'n list, airlines, museum a/c, kit & book reviews, links etc)

Northrop Grumman
(Product info)

Bombardier Learjet
(News & product info)

Lockheed Martin Corporation
(Company info)

Raytheon Home Page
(Company & product info)

(News, product info, statistics, how a jet engine works, history)

Scaled Composites Home Page
(Designer of unconventional aircraft. Project info & pics, links, careers, news)

Schweizer Aircraft Corporation
(Schweizer 300 srs helicopter info)

(History, programs, news, customers etc)

The Boeing Company
(News & product info)


(Lots of misc aviation info)

Aerolink Home Page
(US & Canadian industry info, marketplace, jobs, news, links)

Air Contact
(Link between airlines and pilots with European licences for job recuitment)

Air Serve International
(Air transport for humanitarian causes, fleet facts & pics)

Airship and Blimp Resources Page
(Airships info)

Aquila - Aviation History
(Lincolnshire & Isles of Scilly aviation links & features)

AeroWeb - Aviation Enthusiasts Corner
(Museums, airshows, links etc)

Aviation Humour
(Collection of aviation jokes and funny stories)

Fly Vintage
(UK airshow pics, UK warbirds & museums links)

Dave's Scrapbook
(Airshow pics, Tripacer restoration, links)

British Antarctic Survey Aircraft
(Pics & brief info)

(Online aviation history journal: excellent articles, book reviews, links)

Panavia Tornado
(Tornado info and pics, links)

Combat Aircrafts Of The USA
(Modern US combat aircraft brief spec and pics, links)

Target Lock
(Lots of info and pics on postwar military aircraft, mailing list info, links)

(Publishers of Military Designation Reference Works)

Dean's 'Seldom Home' Page
(Unofficial SAAF web page, US military designation system, airband radios, IDF/AF base visit etc)

DeltaWeb Home Page
(Airshow news, show reports, global show calendar, Spitfire is 60)

Dennis Janklow & Associates Home Page
(Southern Africa aviation news & info)

The Aerodrome Magazine
(Monthly webzine on WW2 and Canadian aviation)

Elevon - Aviation on the Internet:
(List of all military aircraft ever, lots of info on US and other military aircraft, links)

Flightline II
(Preserved US military aircraft, museums & airshows, links, pics, etc)

All Aviation Flightline Online
(US air racing & US warbirds news and pics)

(Internet aviation magazine: civ & mil features, pics, links etc)

(Flying experiences and aviation related gifts for the UK public)

Great Aviation Quotes
(Large collection of quotes on all aviation subjects, with search facility)

Larry Westin WWW Home Page
(info & pics of Stinson Voyager, Consolidated a/c pics, links)

Military history files
(Several hundred megs of military history files & pictures from many different eras - includes aviation)

Model-Aire International
(Research services info - aircraft modelling)

National Aerospace Laboratory Home Page
(Japanese aerospace research)

The Warbirds Forum
(Articles & info on Flying Tigers, Brewster Buffalo, Japan in WW2, Vietnam War etc)

Post-War Military Aviation
(Post ww2 air wars, British mil a/c designations & types postwar, publications, links)

(Memoirs of 379 Ftr Sqn in WW2 - illustrated with well drawn cartoons)

Robert Quirk's Home Page
(MAP aircraft photos lists, SEAC aircraft photos list, Scale Aircraft Modelling kit reviews index, 442 sqn RAF info)

The Air War
(Lots of WW2 aviation history info)

(International arms trade & defence data, publications, links)

The Hangar
(USN & World aircraft carrier news & info, links)

The Helicopter Company
(Adventure holidays by helicopter from Toronto)

Damien Burke's Web Site
(British postwar aircraft - info & pics for Lightning, Sea Vixen, Vulcan, misc. types, links)

Tom Tom's Aviation And Scale Model Resources
(VJ-101 feature, Supper Guppy pics, modern Luftwaffe pics, links)

Warbirds Resource Group
(WW2 Luftwaffe and USAAF info, aircraft restoration, links etc)

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