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Aircraft Scale Drawings

This page is intended to be a comprehensive guide to possible sources for aircraft scale drawings.

The drawings featured here are intended principally for plastic scale modellers, as 'scale' drawings for Radio-Controlled or Free-Flight model aircraft have usually been bastardised in some way to allow the fitment of an engine or to improve the aircraft's flying qualities - hence they don't represent the full-size aircraft.

Suggestions for additional sources are always welcomed.

A. L. Bentley Drawings
Selection of extremely detailed drawings of mostly WW2 aircraft which first appeared in 'Scale Models'.

Aircraft Plans Service
Wide range of scale drawings from the pages of 'Aviation News' and 'Air Pictorial'.

Fighters of WWII
Excellent selection of drawings taken from Russian aviation magazines.

Good selection of military aircraft types.

Mike's Aviation Pages
Drawings of Nieuport and other WW1 aircraft.

Aircraft Wherewolf
Some aircraft drawings.

Vought Aircraft Line Drawings
Line drawings of most Vought-built aircraft types.

Detailed drawings of mostly Russian combat jets.

Bob's Aircraft Documentation
Very long list of aircraft drawings taken from 'Koku-Fan' and other sources.

Scale Drawings by James A Morrow
Good variety of aircraft drawings.

Flying Boat Plans Gallery
Scale plans for two dozen or so flying boats.

Roy Tassell's Aeronautical Drawings
Scale drawings, with an emphasis on floatplanes and flying boats.

Scale Drawings by Phillip Kent
1/24th scale drawings of interwar light aircraft.

Technical and Scale Drawings
NASM collection of aircraft drawings.

Scale Drawings
Nexus now sell the former MAP range of scale drawings which first appeared in 'Aeromodeller' and 'Scale Models'.

Wind Canyon Books
Sells a range of scale aircraft drawings from different sources.

Unicorn Gallery
High quality scale drawings from France.

X List Model Plans
Vendor for the old MAP/Argus/NEXUS range of scale drawings.

The following magazines are recommended as a source of good-quality multi-view scale aircraft drawings (not just regular 3-view drawings):

Czech Republic:

Air Magazine



Modelaid International


Aviatsiya Aviation Magazine

Aviatsiya I Kosmonavtika


Mir Aviatsii

Aviatsiya I Vremya

United Kingdom:
Aero Modeller/Scale Models

Aviation News/Air Pictorial


Scale Aircraft Modelling

Scale Aviation Modeller/Model Aircraft Monthly

Windsock International

Aero Album

Air Wars 1919-1939

Model Airplane News

This section covers those books which primarily feature scale drawings, usually compiled from magazine back-issues:

'Aircraft Archive'
Argus Books Ltd, 1988-1989
Series titles: Aircraft of World War One: Volumes 1-3; Fighters of World War Two: Volumes 1-2; Bombers of World War Two; Classics of World War Two; Post-War Jets Volumes 1-3; Famous Racing and Aerobatic Planes
* each book includes 25 1/72nd scale plans which have previously appeared in Scale Models or Aero Modeller.

Modellsport Verlag GmbH, 1999+
Series titles cover a range of topics from WW2 fighters to gliders to light aircraft.
* each book covers 7-9 different aircraft.

'Paul Matt Scale Airplane Drawings'
Sunshine House, 1992
Volume 1, Volume 2
* Features 61 different (mainly American) aircraft types in each volume - A-G (Vol.1) & H-W (Vol.2)

'Scale Aircraft Drawings'
Air Age Inc., 1986
Volume 1 - World War I, Volume II - World War II
* From the publishers of Model Airplane News, but some of the information is not very reliable.

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