1919-1939 Air Wars – Contents Listing

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No.1 March 1985
No information
No.2 June 1985
Trautloft and the First 109s – Spain 1936
No.3 Sept 1985
No information
No.4 Dec 1985
No information [32 pages]
No.5 March 1986
No information
No.6 June 1986
Curtiss B-2 Condor; Glen Martin MBI and Curtiss P6-E ‘Hawk’; The ‘Guarani’ Potez; The S-59bls’Chaco’; Handley-Page HP-I; Museums
No.7 Sept 1986
An American Flyer In Spain; Potez 540-542: Andre Malraux, l’Espoir/Sierra de Teruel and the Squadron Espana (The Potez 540 and L’Espoir); The Blue Patrol: La Patrulla Azul and the Spanish Nationalist Fiat Groups; Centerspread Painting: The Blue Patrol; Republican Aces; I-15’Chato’; Peanut ‘Mosca’ Plans
No.8 Dec 1986
Travel Air ‘Mystery Ships’; Handley Page ‘Heyford’; Curtiss XP-23; William Labussiere and the Dewoitine in China (Dewoitine D-510 in China); Kit/Vac-Form Models; Italian Beech B-17R; The Gee-Bee ‘Z’ Racer; Book Review
No.9 March 1987
Consolidated PT-I and PT-3; Jim Younkin’s Mystery Ship; Art Chester and the ‘Goon’; Diary of a Combat Pilot; Alt Combat Maneuvers – Spain; Vultee V I-A In Spain; Book Review; Models
No.10 June 1987
Ford Tri-Motor; SBC-4 ‘Hell Diver’; Curtiss F 11 C-2 Drawings; Gee-Bee Models; Members Models; Air Mart [36 pages]
No.11 Sept 1987
Boeing P12/F4B; F4B-3 Dive Bomber; 218 Over Shangal; Center Painting: Boeing; The Letov Czech Fighters Series (Letov S-231); Replica News; Models; plans for Vought V-80 Flying Model [40 pages]
No.12 Dec 1987
Curtiss XP-3A; Pitcairn P-A5; Curtiss XP-23; Vultee V-116B; China Air War
No.13 March 1988
USMC Great Lakes BG-I; Lawson L-4 Airliner; DH ‘Hornet Moth’; Heinkel HE-51 Drawings
No.14 June 1988
Nicaragua; The First Time; Savola Marchetti SM-79; Lawson Airliner: Part Two; Arnoux Racer; Consolidated PB-2A; Air War Over Spain: The Activity of the 19a Sq. XXVIII Gr. 8 St. B.V. “Falche della Baleari” from November 1938 (from Sq. Operations Book)
No.15 Sept 1988
Lockhead Model ‘G’; Vickers Vildebeest Article & Drawings; Nicaragua: Part Two; Waterman Aerobile
No.16 Dec 1988
Mercury BT-120 Article & Drawings; Ryan YP-16 Drawings; PZL P.50 Polish Fighter; Wrong Way Corrigan
No.17 Spring 1989
Lockheed Vega; The Barling Bomber; Barling Lightplane NB-3; Red/White Air War; ‘Fleet’ Trainer Flying Plans
No.18 Summer 1989
Secret Squadron – The Birth of the Luftwaffe; Berliner Joyce P-16 Article & Drawings; Flying Flea; Barling Bomber: Part Two; Members Models
No.19 Fall 1989
Burnelli Transport, Lifting Body Aircraft, part 1; Invincible Monoplane; The Secret Squadrons of Germany part 1; Replica I-15 [40 pages]
No.20 Winter 1989
Great Lakes Amphibian Scout XSG-1; The First Airlift: Spain 1936; Curtiss XP-31; Heath Midwing; Shonai Peanut; Burnelli CY-20 Plans
No.21 Spring 1990
Great Lakes Dive Bomber; Udet U-12 ‘Flamingo’ Article & Plans; Fokker G-I Plans
No.22 Summer 1990
Curtiss ‘Fledgeling’; Emil en Espana (Bf 109E Emil); Stearman 4-EM; Consolidated NY1 Drawings; Army Markings; Great Lakes XTBG-1 Plans
No.23 Fall 1990
Luscombe ‘Phantom’; More Stearman 4E; Consolidated NY I Drawings; Replica P.IIc PZL; Fokker C-14 Plans
No.24 Winter 1990
McCook Field 1924; Pollkarpov 1-15, 1-152, 1-153 Drawings; French SPAD 510 Plans
No.25 Spring 1991
Peruvian Curtiss ‘Oriole’; Polish PZL 11c Fighter; Standard J-I Drawings; Curtiss R-6 Racer Plans
No.26 Summer 1991
Flying Tigers; Curtiss P-40 B-C; Nakajima Ki43 ‘Falcon’; Taylor E-2’Cub’, also Drawings; Filip Mihail ‘Stabiloplan’ Article & DrawIngs; Curtiss CW-21
No.27 Fall/Winter 1991
Moroccan Mover; Curtiss Falcon A3; Hafner A-3 Drawings; The Grasshoppers; Navy Identifications
No.28 Spring 1992
Culver Dart, Article and Plans; Macchi Castold MC-72, Seaplane Racer; American Eagle; ABC-Robin Plans; U.S. Navy Aircraft Markings
No.29 Summer 1992
Bellanca Air Cruiser; Culver, After the Dart; On the Modeling Scene

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