Aero ‘N’ Photos – Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 1979
No information
Vol.1 No.2 1979
The P2V in reserve, Air Force, Army and Foreign Service; Atlantic City Navel Air Station 1944-1946 – Both based and transient aircraft; (Includes photos of Navy PB-1Ws and JD-1s); F-94 Starfire – Flight Test, In Air Force Service, Assembly line, In Air Guard Service; Early A-10 photos from 1979
Vol.1 No.3 Feb 1980
P-51H Wolf Pack Mustangs; Douglas C-124 Globemaster 1 & 2, Aluminum Overcast; McDonnell F3H Demon, Father of the Phantom II; Yankee Station 1965-1966; Timber Wolves and Northern Lights – The Alaska Air National Guard; Aviation Artwork
Vol.1 No.4 1980
No information
Vol.2 No.1 1981
Thunderbolt Guardsmen (National Guard assigned P-47 Thunderbolts post-WWII); N79111 A Brief History; Struts, Wires and Braces (post WWI bombers); The Edge of the Sabre – F-86.

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