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Vol.1 No.1 January/February 1977
The X-Series: X-1 thru X-14
Vol.1 No.2 March/April 1977
The X-Series: X-15 thru X-28; “Rosie’s” Last Cruise – USS Roosevelt; An Interview With Cook Cleland; Fort Rucker Army Air Museum
Vol.1 No.3 December 1977
Bell P-59 Airacomet (line drwgs); Project ‘Tom-Tom’ – Wing-tip attached fighter experiments; Airsho ’77; Pima Air Museum
Vol.1 No.4 May 1978
Northrop’s Flying Wing Bombers (cutaway drwg, 3 3-view tone drwgs, 1 fold-out 4-view tone drwg); Photophile: Organizing Your Slides; Relief Tube: Editorial + Additions and Corrections – to previous issues; Sun’n’Fun Fly-In; Wants & Disposals; Replica – scale modelling news & reviews; Boeing’s WB-47 Stratojet by Mike Habermehl (3 fold-out tone profiles, equipment location drawing); Book Reviews; United States Naval Aviation Museum
Vol.1 No.5 August 1978
North American F-107A (3-view line drwg); GBU-15 – Guided Bomb No.15; VMFA-122; Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird (photo feature); Planes of Fame Museum; Reproducing b+w photos
Vol.1 No.6 February 1979
Lockheed S-3A Viking (scale drwgs); Lockheed RB-69A; “Pave” Series; Lyndon Johnson Space Centre; Air to Air Photography
Vol.2 No.1 June 1979
Bell’s XV-3 (6-view tone drwg, 2 tone profiles); Kingman Army Air Field, Arizona – 1947 a personal view by William T Larkins (pictorial); Photophile – camera equipment; Book Reviews; Gregor’s Geldings FDB-1 & GR-1 (1 3-view tone drwg, 1 5-view tone drwg); Biophile: Tex Hill – Flying Tigers pilot by Richard Baughn; Relief Tube: Editorial + Project ‘Tom-Tom’ update; Uniphorms: Uniforms, Badges and Insignia: Royal Flying Corps 1913-1918 by Ward Boyce; Replica – scale modelling news & reviews; The Air Force Museum Part 1 – Wright-Patterson AFB USAF Museum
Vol.2 No.2 October 1979
Bell’s Tilting Testbed: The XV-15 (6-view tone drwg); AH-1S Cobra (3-view tone drwg, annotated drwg, 1 page detail drwgs); Photophile – Tripods; Book Reviews; Biophile: Albert C Vollmer by Richard Baughn (USAF fighter pilot); Relief Tube: Editorial + Squawks – updates to previous issues; Wants & Disposals; Replica – scale modelling news & reviews; RFC Flying Clothing; Uniphorms: Flying Clothing: Royal Flying Corps 1914-1918 by Ward Boyce; Aeroline Vignettes: NYRBA Airlines by Ron Davies (New York, Rio and Buenos Aires Airline); The Air Force Museum Part II – USAF museum; photo pheature F-104G (USAF aircraft photos)
Vol.2 No.3 April 1980
Biophile: Melvin L. “Smokey” Greene by Richard Baughn (smoke jumper); Relief Tube: Editorial + Squawks – updates to previous issues; Uniphorms: United States Army Aviation Badges 1919-1947 by Ward Boyce; Wants & Disposals; Martin/General Dynamics RB-57F ((cutaway drwg, 1 page cockpit drwgs, 8 tone profiles, fold-out 2-view scale tone drwg, sectional drwg); Greenwood Flightline – CAF base pictorial by Tom Hildreth; Photophile: Light Meters by Lon Cooper; MiG E-166 – pictorial; Book Reviews; Aeroline Vignettes: El Venado Air Service – Colombian airline by Ron Davies; Replica – scale modelling news & reviews; The National Atomic Museum – Kirtland AFB, New Mexico
Vol.2 No.4 December 1980
McDonnell RF-4 Phantom
Aerophile Extra 1 1982
AV-8 Harrier by James Wogstad & Jay Miller. 83 pages. ISBN: 0-938664-00-X. [Order from USA] [Order from UK]
Aerophile Extra 2 1985
Grumman EA-6B Prowler & EA-6A Intruder by James Wogstad & Phillip Friddell. 71 pages. ISBN: 0938664018. [Order from USA] [Order from UK]

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