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No.1 March-May 1987
Display Briefing – news and views of the air display scene by Peter R March; These Vintage Years – A look back over 30 years or so of vintage aircraft flying in the UK by David Ogilvy; Twin Boom Duo – A pilot’s view of the Vintage Aircraft Team’s Vampire and Venom by Rod Dean; Airshow US Style – Behind the scenes at a popular Californian airshow by Frank B Mormillo; Air Calendar 87 – A comprehensive listing of UK air events this year by Peter R March; Flying with the ‘Reds’ – A leading aerobatic pilot takes a back seat ride with the RAF’s Red Arrows by Vic Norman; Air Fair Silver Jubilee – A review of 25 years of the International Air Fair at Biggin Hill by Richard Lucraft; On Display 87 – The first part of a detailed survey of UK air museums and collections by Brian Strickland
No.2 June-August 1987
Display Briefing – news and views of the air display scene by Peter R March; The BBMF at 30 – a look back over 30 years of the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight by Robert Rudhall; ‘Blue Angels’ in formation – the background to America’s premier aerobatic team by Frank B Mormillo; Flying Displays and Freedom? – the crisis facing airshow pilots and organisers by David Ogily; Replica Roundup – a survey of the rapidly growing number of replica aircraft to be seen at airshows by Geoffrey P Jones; North American Air Events 87 – a selection of US and Canadian airshows this year by Frank B Mormillo; On Display 87 – The second part of a detailed survey of UK air museums and collections by Brian Strickland; IAT 87 Preview – a look behind the scenes at plans for Europe’s biggest air show by Brian Philpott; Display Log – aircraft and hot air balloons participating in the first events in the UK calendar for 1987 by Daniel March
No.3 September-November 1987
Display Briefing – news and views of the air display scene by Peter R March; International Air Calendar 1987 – dates for the remaining air events in Europe and North America; Air Display Focus – reports from around the world: Mildenhall’s Air Fete ’87 by John Dunnell, SAAB 50 by Herman J Sixma, Kiwi Jubilee by Sqn Ldr Ian Pearson RAAF, Rallying to Jersey by Geoffrey P Jones; Thunderbirds are go! – the USAAF’s Fighting Falcon display team reviewed by Frank B Mormillo; Display Flying – how to set about giving an aerobatic display by David Ogily; Stamping Around – the famous Stampe biplane in Britain by Edwin Shackleton; On Display 87 – the third part of a detailed survey of UK air museums and collections by Brian Strickland; Display Log – aircraft participating in a selection of this year’s Spring air events; Biggin’s 25th – report on the 25th International Air Fair at Biggin Hill by Sharon J Clark
No.4 December 1987-February 1988
Display Briefing – news and views of the air display scene by Peter R March; Blenheim will fly again – an appeal to readers by Graham Warner; Bigger, Better and Wetter – IAT 87 – Impressions of IAT by a first-time visitor by Neil Bates; IAT Awards and Trophies – Who won what at IAT 87 by Peter R March; Display Log – a listing of the aircraft present at Fairford; Rallying and Racing – Stauning 1987, Schneider Trophy Air Race, PFA Cranfield, Moths at Woburn; Air Display Focus – Fighter Meet, Bristol’s Fiesta, Last Last Lightning Show, Swiss Spectacular, Warbirds at West Malling; On Display 87 – our survey of air museums and collections is continued by Brian Strickland; In Prospect 1988 – a look ahead to the 1988 airshow season by Peter R March; Sukhois Supreme – Aerobatics from the Masters by Tony Lloyd
No.5 March-May 1988
Display Briefing and Notams – news and views of the air display scene by Peter R March; Reflections on 87 – a personal look back at the good points and the not so good features of ten airshows in the UK last year by Mark Ashley; Fast Metal at Reno – a report on the US National Air Race Meeting at Reno 87 by Frank B Mormillo; Harvard Team – a feature to mark the 50th anniversary of this famous American trainer and the UK display team by Anthony Hutton; UK Air Calendar 1988 – World Airshows 88 – US Aerial Demonstration Teams 1988 – the first and most comprehensive guide to air events in Great Britain and around the world, together with the programme of shows to be given by the USAF, USN and US Army display teams; Shearwater Spectacular – a report on Canada’s big military airshow by David Oliver; Island Autumn – a picture of the busy aerial scene on the Channel Island of Guernsey last autumn by Geoffrey P Jones; Display Flying (part 2) – following a ‘novice’ display pilot through his first airshow appearance by David Ogily; On Display 88 – the final part of the review of UK aeronautical museums and collections by Brian Strickland
No.6 June-August 1988
Display Briefing – David Ogily reporting on the Historic Aircraft Association’s Safety Conference; Notams – pilots, places and planes in the news 1988 by Peter R March; Kittyhawk flying – Mark Hanna describes what it is like to fly the P-40 Kittyhawk at an airshow; Swedish Aerobats – Herman J Sixma looks at two very different aerobatic display teams in Sweden; UK Air Calendar 1988 and World Airshows 88 – updated for the second half of the 1988 airshow season; Display Profile – the Pilatus P-2 – Sue Bushell outlines the background of this ungainly airshow participant; Organising a display – David Ogily takes us behind the scenes in planning an airshow; London flying – Don Linn looks back at the 1987 airshow and previews this year’s major North American show; On Display 88 – Brian Strickland updates with the latest information from around the UK
No.7 September-November 1988
Display Briefing – piloting old aircraft and their replicas, a cautionary warning from the CAA; Notams – pilots, places and planes in the news by Peter R March; Farnborough Preview – A look at the line-up for Farnborough International 88; UK Air Calendar 1988 and World Airshows 88 – events planned for the last quarter of 1988; Show Scene 88 – a photo view of some of this season’s airshow highlights; Flying with the Reds – Adrian Balch takes a ‘dream flight’ with the RAF Red Arrows; The Big YAK – Richard Goode introduces us to the Vladivar Yak-50; Slices of Cake – Robert Rudhall reports on the filming of LWT’s forthcoming tv series; Planes of Fame – Frank B Mormillo presents a picture of California’s famous warbirds airshow at Chino; Air Fete 88 – John Dunnell gives the highlights of the UK’s major military show; Shuttleworth Jubilee – David Ogilvy recalls the story of the Shuttleworth Collection now in its 60th year; 40 Years at Farnborough … Part 1: 1948-1961 – Sue Bushell reviews the annual Farnborough airshows from 1948-1961
No.8 December 1988 – February 1989
Display Briefing – Association of Air Display Organisers & Participants by Stewart Luck; Notams – pilots, places and planes in the news by Peter R March; Display 89 – a preview of the 1989 airshow calendar; Show Scene 88 – a photo view of highlights from the latter half of 1988; European Trio – Swiss, West German and Belgian military shows by Andrew March; Weeks Air Museum – Peter R March visits the impressive collection in Florida; Mont-de-Marsan – Dave Marsh reports on this unique French AF Open Day; 40 Years at Farnborough … Part 2: 1962-1986 – Sue Bushell continues the review of the biennial airshows; … and so to 1988 – bringing the Farnborough story up to date; South African Wings and Wheels – Pat Collins attends the SAA Open Day; Britain’s Buchons – Robert Rudhall looks at the UK’s Hispano Me 109s’; Organising a display – David Ogilvy details final preparations before the airshow
No.9 March-May 1989
Display Briefing – The prospects for UK airshows in 1989; Notams – News of the airshow industry; World Airshows 1989 – first comprehensive list of airshows planned for this year; Tornado Display – Flt Lt Fred Grundy RAF Tornado F3 pilot describes his display; Combat Jets – Peter R March visits Jim Robinson’s Texas flying museum; Airshow Down Under – Paul Bowen reports on the Australian Bicentennial Airshow; Flying the Lizzie – Martin Holloway recalls his first flight in the Westland Lysander; London’s Phantoms – Don Linn attends the 30th F-4 anniversary at the London Airshow; The Same Old Routine – Vic Norman describes a ‘boring day’ last summer; South to Moulins – Geoffrey P Jones travels to the RSA Rally at its new venue; The Great Day – David Ogilvy continues the background to ‘Organising a Display’
No.10 June-August 1989
Display Briefing – The prospects for UK airshows in 1989; Notams – News of the airshow industry; Tora!Tora!Tora! – Edwin A Shackleton looks at the surviving Japanese replica aircraft; World Airshows 1989 – first comprehensive list of airshows planned for this year; Alpine Ballooning – Paul Gingell reports from Chateau d’Oex in the Swiss Alps; A Blenheim WILL fly again – Robert J Rudhall visits the British Aerial Museum at Duxford; 100 Days and Counting – Sue J Bushell Introduces International Air Tattoo 89; Top Jet Teams – Peter R March: Red Arrows, Thunderbirds, Blue Angels and Snowbirds calendars for 1989; The Big-Tailed Beast – Doris Richeson describes the restoration of the CAFs Helldiver; On Display Update – Brian Strickland provides news of the UK’s aviation museums and collections; On with the show – David Ogilvy concludes his account of ‘Organising a Display’
No.11 September-November 1989
Maitlands Magic – Biggin Hill; Memphis Belle film update; Surf n’Fun 89
No.12 December-February 1990
IAT’89; Famous Grouse 89; Canadian Warplane Heritage; RNZAF Orions; National Warplane Museum
No.13 March-May 1990
No information
No.14 June-August 1990
No information
No.15 September-November 1990
B of B Flypast; Farnbrough 90; Airshow Action
No.16 December 1990-February 1991
No information
No.17 March-May 1991
No information
No.18 June-July 1991
No information
No.19 August-September 1991
No information
No.20 October-November 1991
No information
No.21 December 1991-January 1992
No information
No.22 February-March 1992
No information
No.23 April-May 1992
No information
No.24 June-July 1992
No information
No.25 August-September 1992
No information
No.26 October-November 1992
No information
No.27 December 1992-January 1993
No information
No.28 February-March 1993
No information
No.29 April-May 1993
No information
No.30 June-July 1993
No information
No.31 August-September 1993
No information
No.32 October-November 1993
Buccaneers; Fairford; Patrouille ECCO
No.33 December 1993-January 1994
No information
No.34 ‘February-March 1994’
Evergreen Air Museum; Pitts Skylark
No.35 April-May 1994
No information
No.36 June-July 1994
B-29; Keith Sissons; Mig-15 Mighty Midget
No.37 August-September 1994
Harrier; Corsair; Bell 47; D-Day Remembered
No.38 October-November 1994
Blenheim Pilot John Webb; Farnborough; PBY-5A
No.39 December 1994-January 1995
No information
No.40 February-March 1995
No information
No.41 April-May 1995
Seeing Red – Hawker Hunters by Eric Haywood;
No.42 June-July 1995
No information
No.43 August-September 1995
No information
No.44 October-November 1995
No information

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