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Vol.1 No.1 1/1988
Super Entendard; F-84F; Bristol Blenheim; Royal Australian Air Force; P-47 Thunderbolt Interior
Vol.1 No.2 February 1988
Update (monthly military aviation news); International Report: Happy Birthday Comet (Belgian commemorative aircraft, col photos); Out and About: NATO hardened aircraft shelters (photos); Datafile: British Aerospace 125 (HS.125 Dominie, 1/72 scale drwgs, 6 tone profiles); Fighters of the Fifties: Gloster Meteor F.8 (1/72 scale drwgs, 9 tone profiles); Modelling Manual: Junkers Ju 188 (1/72 scale drwgs, 5 col profiles); History: RAAF (3 tone profiles); P-40 Kittyhawk Cockpit Interior (3 cut-out col drwgs)
Vol.1 No.3 3/1988
Saab Viggen; CAC Boomerang; Bristol Brigand; Royal Australian Air Force; A-10 Thunderbolt II Cockpit Interiors
Vol.1 No.4 4/1988
Avro Vulcan; F-100 Super Sabre; Fairey Fulmar; F-105 Cockpit Interior
Vol.1 No.5 5/1988
C-130 Hercules; A6M Zero-Sen; Fouga Magister; Phantom 30th Anniversary; F-100 Super Sabre Cockpit Interiors; Royal Australian Air Force
Vol.1 No.6 6/1988
Chinook Helicopter; MiG-21; Savoia Marchetti SM.79; Portuguese Air Force; Me-163 Cockpit Interior
Vol.1 No.7 7/1988
Mirage 2000; Albatros D.V; MiG-23 Cockpit Interiors; Savoia Marchetti SM.79; Royal Australian Air Force; Royal Danish Air Force
Vol.1 No.8 8/1988
BAC Lightning; Avro Anson; Fairey Flycatcher; Hawker Hurricane Interiors
Vol.1 No.9 9/1988
Sea Harrier FRS.1, FRS.51 and T Mk.60; Avro Anson; De Havilland D.H.9A; HMS Ark Royal In Malta; Mirage F.1 Cockpit Interior
Vol.1 No.10 10/1988
Frecce Tricolori; Recce Phantoms; CF-100
Vol.1 No.11 11/1988
HS Nimrod; DH Venom; Arado Ar 196; Hawker Sea Hawk Cockpit Interiors
Vol.1 No.12 12/1988
MiG-29; Shorts Sherpa; Hawker Hart; Polish Air Force Camouflage & Markings; Grumman Hellcat Cockpit Interiors
Vol.2 No.1 1/1989
Saab J-35 Draken; Hs 129; Malta 1920-1939; Westland Wessex; British WWI Classics In Polish Air Force Service
Vol.2 No.2 2/1989
Vought Corsair II; Canadian Warplane Heritage; Macchi C.200; Malta in the Fifties; British WWI Classics In Service With The Polish Air Force
Vol.2 No.3 3/1989
Harrier T.4N; Hughes-MDD AH-64A Apache; ‘Creek Corsair 88’; Sopwith Camel; Grumman F8F Bearcat; A-7 Corsair
Vol.2 No.4 4/1989
USS Eisenhower (CVN-69); Tornado – update; Phantom – update; F-105 Thunderchief; Italian Republic AF Bf 109s; Polish Air Force Camouflage & Markings; RAF BAe Hawk T.1/T.1A
Vol.2 No.5 5/1989
RAF aircraft of 1920s & 1930s (photos); Gloster Gladiator; Mirage F.1; Polish Air Force Camouflage & Markings; Canadair CAC Sabre
Vol.2 No.6 6/1989
FMA Pucara; Lancaster; Mystere IV; Ki-61 Hien; Shackleton – 40 Years (photos of early aircraft)
Vol.2 No.7 7/1989
Jaguar ops; Aermacchi MB.326; F7F Tigercat; Curtiss Hawk; Canberra 40th Anniversary – Canberra in Malta (photos); Vought F4U Corsair (preservation); An-225 Buran Shuttle Carrier
Vol.2 No.8 8/1989
Davis-Monthan pt.1
Vol.2 No.9 9/1989
USAFE Spangdahlen; Davis-Monthan pt.2; Mirage III & 5; Spanish Me 109’s; Fiat G.55; The Polish Air Force
Vol.2 No.10 10/1989
‘Dragon Hammer 89’; Cessna A-37/T-37 Dragonfly; Italian AF Ju 87 Stukas; Me 163B-1A; Northrop F-89 Scorpion; Polish Air Force Flying Colors
Vol.2 No.11 11/1989
S-3A Viking; Canada’s Neptune; Blackburn Firebrand; Bristol Beaufort; Polish Air Force Camouflage & Markings; Sion 89 (Switzerland)
Vol.2 No.12 12/1989
MiG-17; Fokker Dr.I Triplane; Hawker Typhoon; Italy’s Tornados; USN in the Med – 1960s & 70s
Vol.3 No.1 1/1990
Bristol Bulldog; Jet Provost; Ki-49 Helen; Malta Summit Meeting – the aircraft; Buchon
Vol.3 No.2 2/1990
Battle of Britain Air Days 89; Hawker Hurricane; British Phantoms At Malta; Shorts Tucano; P-47 close-up
Vol.3 No.3 3/1990
RAF Tucano mods; U-2/TR-1 Scale Plans; Skua & Roc; Norseman; Dewoitine D.520 close-up; Japanese WWII Aircraft
Vol.3 No.4 4/1990
[cover: RAF Hercules C.3P at Luqa] International Report – MCAS El Toro; Out & About (photos & comments); 24 Squadron Hercules To Malta (75th anniv visit); Fly Navy – H.S. Sea Vixen (scale plans); Fighters of the Fifties: RF-84F Thunderflash (tone profiles, scale plans); Update (news); Warplane Classics: Westland Whirlwind – Top Secret (col profiles)
Vol.3 No.5 5/1990
South Africa AF; Duxford
Vol.3 No.6 6/1990
Edwards AFB
Vol.3 No.7 7/1990
No information
Vol.3 No.8 8/1990
No information
Southern Expo 89 Programme
1939 Scrapbook; Box Art; Card Modelling; Breda 65

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  1. 5/1990 Issue Contents: International Report: South Africa. Datafile: Hunter Two Seaters. Fly Navy: Scale Plans of Westland Wyvern. Warplane Classics: Arado Ar 234 Blitz
    6/1990 Issue Contents: International Report: Holland. Fighters of the 50s: Gloster Meteor F4. Fly Navy: Hawker Sea Fury. Datafile: F-14 Tomcat. Close-up Special: F-14. Photofile: Inter-war Miscellany.

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