Airfix Magazine – 1990s Contents Listing

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Vol.2 No.1 December 1989/January 1990
Aircraft modelling – Boulton Paul Defiant TT.III – four tone profile; modelling notes; Vehicle modelling – 1:12 Suzuki RGA 500; Aircraft modelling – Frog Whitley Mk V; Aircraft modelling – Airfix 1:24 Messerschmitt Bf-109E – four tone profiles; Vehicle recovery in the British Army; Back to basics – rigging biplanes; Military modelling – British Shermans; O Group; Kit comment
Vol.2 No.2 February-March 1990
Straight from the box: Vickers Armstrong Wellington Mk.lll; Kitography: The Wellington trio; Conversion topic: A Wellington with Merlins; Accent on armour: British postwar tanks; Back to basics: Stick to it!; Vincent black shadow; The’ O’ Group; Decalcomania; Kit comment
Vol.2 No.3 April 1990
Truly revolting: Sevans Models TV monster reviewed; Armour conversion: Panzer IV L/70; Bike world: A combination of two well known 1:72nd scale kits’; UK Cottage Industry Directory 1990-91; From the trade: Airfix Magazine visits Hannants; The ‘0’ Group; Kit conversion: Avro Lancastrian; Kit comment
Vol.2 No.4 May 1990
Salute the Samurai; Straight from the box, 1: Suzuki Samurai; Accent on armour: The Matilda; Back to basics: First steps with a Phantom – F-4J build; Conversion topic: Lockheed Hudson; Bovington: The Tank Museum; Bike world: The Tamiya 1:12th scale BMW R80 GIS; The ‘0’ Group; On the Wavelength: Japanese 1:700th scale ships; Straight from the box. 2: 1/48th Mosquito FB.VI; Kitography: Mosquito; Kit comment
Vol.2 No.5 June 1990
30 years. The life and times of Airfix Magazine; Competition; On the wavelength: Viking raiders; Kit conversion: Completing the circle; Kitography: Buccaneer the long-lived heavyweight; Bike world: Zundapp KS750; The ‘0’ Group; From the trade: Flying High; Back to basics: Chipmunk pair; Accent on armour: British armoured cars; Kit review special: Theme kits for 1990; Kit comment; Decalcomania
Vol.2 No.6 July 1990
Straight from the box: Italeri DC-3; Kitography: Douglas DC-3; Accent on armour: The Cromwell tank; Feature: The fabulous Seven; Model motoring: Tamiya’s 1:24th scale Lotus Seven; Kit conversion: KV1 to KV2; Back to basics: Messerschmitt lair – Bf 109 diorama; The ‘0’ Group; Wroughton revealed; Bike world: Panzer Grenadier; Military miniatures: Renault FT-17 and Char 1bis; Them bones!: Fun with a skeleton; Kit comment; New on the sprue
Vol.2 No.7 August 1990
Kitography: The Curtiss Hawk by Frank Reynolds; Algy’s world of modelling: Is he someone you know by S. P. Rue; Model motoring: One man and his Jeep; Straight from the box: Italeri 1:24th scale fire Jeep; The ‘0’ Group by Phil Greenwood; Bike World: Esci 1:9th scale Harley Davidson ML-45 by Greg Kerry; On the lighter side: Something fishy by Des Knock; Accent on armour: The Soviet T-34/85 by K. Brown; Military miniatures: Austin K3 4 x 2 3-Tonner by Tom Muir; Back to basics: Humphrey the Wessex by Richard Reynolds – HMS Antrim’s helicopter; Source of inspiration: The Museum of Army Transport; Kit comment: Two 1:72nd scale aircraft from Airfix; Letters; New on the sprue
n/a September 1990
‘The publishers apologise for the absence of the September issue due to difficulties beyond our control’
Vol.2 No.8 October 1990
Straight from the box: Vostok One; Accent on armour: The Centurion tank; Military miniatures: Tippers and dumpers; Source of inspiration: Mosquito museum; Bike world: BMW R-75; The ‘0’ Group: Compiled by Phil Greenwood; Collecting on a theme: By Greg Kerry; On the wavelength: A pair of submarines; Back to basics: Heavy metal from the Soviet Union – Tu-26B Backfire; Loctite wordsearch competition; Dapol Highway Pioneer; Kit comment; New on the sprue; Editor’s postbag
Vol.2 No.9 November 1990
Straight from the box: Hormones above; Bike world: Bike rider conversion; Accent on armour: Japanese tanks of World War 2; Back to basics: It’s all a question of money; The ‘0’ Group: Compiled by Phil Greenwood; On the Wavelength: The sea shall not have them; From the trade: Shopping by post. The case for catalogues; Source of inspiration: The Cellan model aircraft museum; Military miniatures: Dodge D154 x 215 cwt; Mosquito spy: Modelling the Matchbox kit using Aeroclub accessories; Kit comment; New on the sprue; From the editor’s postbag
Vol.2 No.10 December 1990
Bike World: The Aoshina 1:12th scale Kawasaki Z400J; Military miniatures: Breakdown gantry body; Accent on armour: Panzerkampfwagen IV SdKfz 161; IPMS Nationals 1990; Source of inspiration: The International Helicopter Museum; Straight from the box: Lindberg’s Convair Pogo; The ‘0 Group: Compiled by Phil Greenwood; From the trade: Model specialist; Tank modelling: Sherman Easy 8; On the wavelength: The Discovery; Kit comment; Algy’s world of modelling
Vol.2 No.11 January 1991
Accent on armour: Early British Cruiser tanks; Back to basics: Big Gooney Bird – 1:48th Dakota; Kit review special: Horse drawn haulage; Source of inspiration: Imperial War Museum, Duxtord; On the wavelength: Vosper MTB; Military models: Cottage industry review; British Traditions; The ‘0’ Group: Compiled by Phil Greenwood; Military miniatures: 2-Pounder anti-tank gun portee; On the lighter side: Sci-Fi fliers; Algy’s world of modelling; Kit comment; New on the sprue; From the editor’s postbag
n/a February 1991
‘The publishers wish to apologise for the non-appearance of the February 1991 issue due to unforeseen production difficulties.’
Vol.2 No.12 March 1991
Straight from the box: The Colt Peacemaker; On the lighter side: The terrible reptiles; Bike world: Harley Davidson FXE/F-80 Fat Bob; Writing on a theme; On the wavelength: The Kaiten Japanese manned torpedo; Kit review special: P-51 D Mustang; The ‘0’ Group: Compiled by Phil Greenwood; Ten new kits from Minicraft; An early eagle: Jim Howard builds a Me 109B – 1/48th scale Bf 109B; Tips and techniques: A biplane jig; Kit comment; New on the sprue; Algy’s world of modelling; From the editor’s postbag
Vol.3 No.1 April 1991
Straight from the box: 1:144th Grumman EA-6B Prowler by Des Knock; Austin FX-4 Taxi by Greg Kerry; Bike world: Harley Chopper by Greg Kerry; The ‘0’ Group: Compiled by Paul Woodman; Military miniatures: AEC Matador by Des Knock; From the trade: Tasman Models by Matthew Wright; Source of inspiration: Midland Air Museum by Terence Marriott; Accent on armour: Lease-Lend tanks by Paul Woodman; Military models: M-19 Tank Transporter by Des Knock; Cottage industry review by Jim Howard; Kit comment
Vol.3 No.2 May 1991
Bike world: Airfix BMW R69 by Greg Kerry; Accent on armour: Evolution of the Main Battle Tank by Paul Woodman; Converting the Hawk 100/200 by Greg Kerry; Basic Bases by P. Wyborn-Brown; Tips and techniques: Photographing models by Matthew Wright; The ‘0’ Group: Compiled by Paul Woodman; Source of inspiration: Mildenhall Magic by Terence Marriott – Air Fete ’91; Military models: Afrika Korps diorama by Greg Kerry; New on the sprue; Kit comment
Vol.3 No.3 June 1991
Straight from the box: Westland Sea King by Greg Kerry; Military models: SdKfz 250 Series by A.M. Oughton; Historical figures by Greg Kerry; Paasche Fl and Rotring 777 Compressor by Des Knock; Accent on armour: Soviet T-54 and T-55 Main Battle Tank by Paur Woodman; Kitography: Swordfish Kitography by Malcolm Lowe; The ‘0’, Group compiled by Paul Woodman; New Zealand IPMS Championships by Matthew Wright; Tips and techniques: Replacement canopies and cockpit detailing by Greg Kerry; Source of inspiration: Duxford Museum; Kit comment
Vol.3 No.4 July 1991
Figure modelling: The Airfix 54 mm figures by Greg Kerry; Bike world: Protar motor cycle kits by Greg Kerry; Tank modelling: The SdKfz 234 series of armoured cars by A.l.M.C. Oughton; The ‘0’ Group compiled by Paul Woodman; Kitography: Shorts Tucano T.Mk.1 by Malcolm V. Lowe; Accent on armour: Chaffing at the bit? by Richard Randle; Model motoring: Buggati with a background by Richard Randle; Straight-from-the-box: The bird from Brazil by Malcolm V. Lowe; Kit comment
Vol.3 No.5 August 1991
Editorial – Its been a long hard struggle; Straight from the box, Sophisticating the Sea Hawk 1:72 scale update of the Airfix kit using Aeroclub parts; Accent on Armour, Tank Armament in World War Two; The ‘O’ Group: The Universal Carrier Mk II 1:35 scale Tamiya kit build; Imai’s 1:12 scale Harley Davidson Electra Glide kit build; Armour conversion, Rebuilding Old Models (resin upgrades); Tank Modelling, SdKfz 221 Series of Armoured Cars; Multipose Germans, figure work for dioramas in various scales; Decal Co Mania, review of Decals and accessories
Vol.3 No.6 September 1991
Military modelling – PzKfw V Panther; Figure modelling – Multipose US Marines; Aircraft modelling – Grumman Panther; O Group; North American T-6 Texan / Harvard – kitography; Military modelling – German light tanks in WW II; Mosquito Museum; Military modelling – M998 HMMVV; Aircraft modelling – rigging the Stranraer; Kit comment
Vol.3 No.7 October 1991
Straight from the box: Sea Harrier by Richard Randle; The ‘0’ Group compiled by Paul Woodman; Kitography: The All American Twin by Terence Marriott – B-25 Mitchell kits; SdKfz 232 Schwere Panzerspahwagen (B-radl) FU by A.M.l.C. Oughton; Bike World: Harley Davidson Cafe Racer by Greg Kerry; KIingon Battle Cruiser by Richard Randle; Is small scale military modelling in decline? by Paul Woodman; Dioramas: Revell’s Grumman HU-16 Albatross by Greg Kerry; Accent on armour: Soviet BMP Series by Paul Woodman; Source of inspiration: RAF Museum, Hendon by Greg Kerry; Kit comment
Vol.3 No.8 November 1991
Kitography: British Aerospace Harrier GR.5 by Greg Kerry; Patriot missile system by Richard Randle; The Marder Ill by A.M.l.C.Qughton; Dioramas: A simple desert diorama by Greg Kerry; Military miniatures: Tamiya’s SAS Jeep by Greg Kerry; Euro Militaire by Phil Wyborn-Brown; Straight-from-the-box: Gloster Whittle E2B/39 by Greg Kerry; Accent on armour: SdKfz 163 Sturmgeschutz IV by Paul Woodman; The ‘0’ Group: compiled by Paul Woodman; Kit comment
Vol.3 No.9 December 1991
Straight from the box: Westland Gazelle by Richard Randle; Military modelling: Italeri’s 1:32nd scale SAS Land Rover by Greg Kerry; Aircraft conversion: TF-86 two-seat Sabre by Malcolm V. Lowe; Sci-fi modelling: Imperial Tie Interceptor by Richard Randle; Model motoring: Gotham City Police Car by Richard Randle; Panzerkampfwagen 38(t) by A. I. M .C. Oughton; The ‘0’ Group compiled by Paul Woodman; IPMS Nationals: Twice the size this year by Alan W. Hall; A-4K ‘Kaku’ Skyhawk by Matthew Wright; Tank modelling: Shermans in the Middle east by Paul Woodman; Kit comment
Vol.3 No.10 February/March 1992
Vehicle modelling – Keil Kraft’s Routemaster double decker bus; Hetzer; Pegasus Models; O Group; Building metal kits; Vehicle modelling – Captain Scarlet Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle; Vehicle modelling – Ferrari F1/90; World War 2 British cruiser tanks, 1942 – 1945; Aircraft modelling – Tropical Spitfires; Aircraft modelling – Revell’s P-51 Miss America; Kit comment
Vol.3 No.11 April 1992
Detailing the Mil Mi-28 Havoc by Greg Kerry; Resin Kits: A34 Comet Mk 1 by Paul Woodman; Imai’s Archduke Siegmund by Greg Kelly; Accent on Armour: The CVR(T) Family of AFV’s by Phil Greenwood and Paul Woodman; Luke Skywalkers Snow Speeder by Richard Randle; Rockwell B-1B Lancer by Richard Randle; Italeri’s Opel Blitz by Greg Kerry; The 0-Group compiled by Paul Woodman; The PT-76 Amphibious Reconnaissance Tank by A.M.l.C. Oughton; Model Motoring: Porsche 928 S4 by Richard Randle; Mitsubishi A6M2 Zero by Richard Randle; Kit Comment
Vol.3 No.12 May 1992
Straight from the box: 1910 ‘B’ Type Omnibus by Richard Randle; The Marder II by A.M.l.C. Oughton; Whether to weather by Greg Kerry; Model motoring: Lamborghini Countach LP5OOS by Richard Randle; Accent on armour: The Challenger (1) Mk.3 by Paul Woodman; ‘Spirit of St Louis’ by Richard Randle; Star Wars by Richard Randle; Dioramas: Seaplane base by Greg Kerry; TF-104G Starfighter by Richard Randle; The ‘0 Group’ compiled by Paul Woodman; Kit comment
Vol.4 No.1 June 1992
Military modelling – 1:35 T-34/76; Vehicle modelling – 1:12 Ferrari Testarossa; PzKfw II: 1:32 Northrop Hawk – missile system; O Group; Space modelling – Aliens Drop Ship; Aircraft modelling – 1:48 Hasegawa P-51D Mustang; Aircraft modelling – 1:72 Airfix Boulton Paul Defiant; Military modelling – 1:35 M18 Hellcat; Kit comment; Decal review.
Vol.4 No.2 July 1992
Aircraft modelling – 1:48 Nakajima Ki-84 Hayate; MP43 / StuG 44 automatic rifles; Aircraft modelling – Heinkel He-162 / Arado Ar-377a Mistel 5; Vehcile modelling – 1:24 Mercedes Benz RW 196 F.1; O Group; Vehicle modelling – 1:12 Honda CR450R; Military modelling – M1A1 Abrams; Aircraft modelling – Northrop F-5E Tiger II; Figure modelling – Painting faces; Space modelling – Narcissus Escape Ship; Vehicle modelling – 1:32 Ford Escort; Kit comment.
Vol.4 No.3 August 1992
Light tanks of WW I; Aircraft modelling – Bomarc 1M-99; Aircraft modelling – Nakajima Ki-43 Hayabusa; O Group; Nebelwerfer; Vehicle modelling – 1:25 Pontiac Firebird GTA; Military modelling – Caldey DUKWs – drawings; Detailing your model – after market kits; Figure modelling – Terminator T-1000; Kit comment.
Vol.4 No.4 September 1992
Vehicle modelling – 1:8 Harley Davidson Police Bike Duo; Military modelling – Australian M113 FSV; Aircraft modelling – McDonnell Douglas A4D-1 Skyhawk; Building fronts in dioramas; Figure modelling – Terminator T-800; Military modelling – Krupp Protze light truck; Earls COlne Aircraft Museum; O Group; Vehicle modelling – 1:24 De Tomaso Pantera GTS; Kit comment.
Vol.4 No.5 October 1992
Editorial: The Results Of Our Labours; The Battle of El Alamein: kits of armour that took part;
Monogram 1:48 scale Republic P-47 Thunderbolt; The ‘O’ Group armoured cars; Organising the spares box and mini diorama bases; Tamiya 1:12 scale Honda CB900; Accent on Armour: The Soviet T-80 MBT; Dragon Carrier Deck Dioramas, displaying 1:144 scale aircraft. Improving the image: Battle Colours-Britain 1940 to 1942; Reviews
Vol.4 No.6 November 1992
Editorial: Writing For Publication; Bike World: Tamiya 1:12 scale Honda NR750; Straight From The Box: Lindberg SNARK missile; Source of Inspiration, the long range desert group, armed trucks; Airfix 1:48 scale Messerschmitt Bf 109 ‘Ausburg Eagle’; Airfix Tyrannosaurus Rex; Accent on Armour: The A22 Churchill Infantry Tank; Lindberg Statue of Liberty; The ‘O’ Group; Aurora Silver Knight of Ausburg; Reviews
Vol.4 No.7 December 1992
Editorial: Christmas Long Ago; Airfix Sopwith Pup; Accent on Armour: A15 Crusader; Tsukuda Hobby Co Metaluna Mutant vinyl kit; Apex Models, pewter Daimler Scout Car kit in 1:76 scale; The ‘O’ Group (armour column); Improving the image, Battle Colours-Britain 1943-92 (armour); Dragon 1:35 scale US Light Infantry; Metal (foil) finish for a Hasegawa 1:32 scale P-51D Mustang; Mongrel Modelling a look at various kits; Reviews
Vol.4 No.8 January/February 1993
Editorial: A move in the right direction; Forgotten Projects; Model Motoring: AMT 1955 Chevrolet Step side Pickup; Improving an old propliner Revell 1:144 scale Lockheed Constellation; The ‘O’ Group (armour column); Italeri 1:48 scale Stingbat LHX future helicopter concept; Accent on Armour: US M4 Medium Tank; Cottage Industry Directory 1993; Airfix 1:144 scale Vostok; Building an accurate Gunze Sangyo Jagdpanther; Reviews
March/April 1993
Not published
May/June 1993
Not published
July 1993
Not published
Vol.4 No.9 August 1993
Editorial: The past and the future; Comparative study of Hawker Hurricane kits; Lindberg Anatomical kits; Converting the Tamiya M3A2 to the M5A1; Airfix Lamborghini Countach LP500S; Revell Lockheed P-38J Lightning; Imai Sky 1 (UFO TV); Accent on Armour: The Soviet T-28; Esci’s 1:12th scale F-16 cockpit; Reviews
September 1993
Not published
Vol.4 No.10 October/November 1993
The Case for The Defence: Autobiographical jottings from the Editor; The First Stuka: by Greg Kerry; Sources of Inspiration: British Anti-Armour Missile Systems by Michael Maxwell; Straight from the Box: Jurassic Park Inmates by Richard Randle; Enhancing the Image: HMS Devonshire in Detail; Accent on Armour: Mixed Media M52 SPH; Viewpoint: Model Making with Attitude by Greg Kerry; Kit Comment; The Sweeper

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