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Airfix Magazine Annual for Modellers (Sept 1971)
Editor’s Introduction by Chris Ellis; First Take Your Kit… by Chris Ellis (newcomers guide); Long Range Desert Group by Roy Dilley (WW2 LRDG/SAS Jeep and crew in 1:32, 15 figures); Dioramas With a Difference by John Sandars (Western Desert dioramas in 1:32 and 1:72); The F-5 Freedom Fighter by Richard E Gardner (1 3-view tone drwg, 3 tone profiles, 3-view camouflage drwg); Sailing Your Ship Models by Bert Lamkin (6 figures); A Mini Modified by Martin De’Ath (car conversion); The Fairey Swordfish by Micheal J F Bowyer (2-view tone drwg); The Ark Royal Story by Peter Hughes (WW2 carrier); Historic Car Modelling by Peter Woodhouse; Uniforms of the Flying Services by Robert C Gibson (8 plates, 9 line drwgs, 5 2-view 1:76 scale line drwgs of ground servicing vehicles, 14 uniform style drwgs); RAF Museum at Hendon by Leslie Hunt; What? Where? When? (aviation photo quiz); Military Quiz (photo quiz); Lorry for the Lineside by Micheal Andress (civilian Scammell conversion, 3 figures); Prototype Pair by A.I.R. Cruikshank (modelling the Hurricane and Spitfire prototypes); Churchill Bridgelayer by Chris Ellis (conversion, 3 sketches); Simple Model Photography by Micheal Andress; One Man’s Model Railway by Bert Lamkin (layout for Helston to St. Ives); Me 262 conversions by Alan W Hall (1 page tone drwgs, 5 variants side view line drwgs, 5 variant nose line drwgs, 1 variant tail line drwg – all 1:72 scale); The Pick of Photopage (photo feature); Quiz Answers [96 pages, hbk, ISBN: 0 85059 077 9]
Airfix Magazine Annual 1973 for Modellers (Sept 1972)
Editor’s Introduction by Chris Ellis; An Eye for Detail by Bryan Philpott (adding small details); Basic Military Vehicle Modelling by Gerald Scarborough (3 1:76 scale 4-view line drwgs, 7 construction sketches); Outdoor Model Railways by Bert Lamkin (construction sketches); The Avro Manchester by Alan W Hall (2 tone profiles, 1 tone plan view, wing and front view scale line drwgs); A Nostalgic Look at the Early Days of Kits by Fred Henderson; Radar in the Royal Navy by Peter Hodges (12 radar antenna drwgs, 7 antenna placement drwgs, 3 diagrams, 7 radar display drwgs, 2 aerial construction drwgs); Fifty Years of the Irish Air Corps by Gabriel T Frost (5 tone profiles with wing plan views, 2 roundel drwgs); The Pick of Photopage (photo feature); Narrow Gauge Saddle Tank by Les Andrews; Armies by the Dozen by D V Oakley (easy OO/HO figure conversions); The Lockheed Hudson by Micheal J F Bowyer; What? Where? When? (photo quiz); Helicopters of the British Services by Richard E Gardner (2 pages tone profiles); A Truck and Trailers for Model Layouts by Micheal Andress (1 figure); The First World War in Miniature by Roy Dilley (dioramas); Royal Auxiliary Air Force, 1925-1957 by Leslie Hunt; Italian Army in the Desert by George Gush (uniform details drwgs, 47 mm gun drwgs); Quiz Answers [96 pages, hbk, ISBN: 0 85059 095 7]
Airfix Magazine Annual 3 for Modellers (Sept 1973)
Editor’s Introduction by Bruce Quarrie; The Bristol Brigand by Bryan Phillpott; Basic Armoured Fighting Vehicle Nodelling by Gerald Scarborough; The Isis: A 2nd Centuary Roman Merchant Ship by Ron Wood; Scratchbuilding Biplane Models by John E Young; Sunbeam MS2 Bournemouth Trolleybus by David Armitage; Jomes Thomas Brudenell – Earl of Cardigan by Sid Horton; Pick of Photopage with captions by Michael J F Bowyer and Terry Gander; Narrow Gauge Engine Shed and Workshop by Michael Andress; Flying Pig: The Lockheed Ventura by Alan W. Hall; French 1st World War Trench Gun Team by Roy Dilley; Hougomont Modelled for Wargamers by Terrence Wise; Ark Royal and her aircraft by Richard E. Gardner; Humber Light Reconnaissance Car Mk III 4 x 4 by Terry Gander; What? Where? When? Photo Quiz answered by Michael Bowyer and Terry Gander; Return of the Eagle – The USAF in Britain 1947 to 1954 by Michael J F Bowyer; Running around in circles by Bert Lamkin [96 pages, hbk, ISBN: 0 85059 134 1]
Airfix Magazine Annual 4 for Modellers (Sept 1974)
Editor’s Introduction by Bruce Quarrie; Hawker Harrier service details and markings by ‘Tailskid’ (1:72 scale 2-view line drwg, 4 RAF unit badge tone drwgs); Modelling the Churchill 3-inch gun carrier by Martin Woodhall (1:76 scale 4-view line drwg); Power for peace – B-29s and B-50s over England by Micheal J F Bowyer (2 pages nose and tail markings tone drwgs); Bottling up the Cutty Sark by Gerry Preece (ship in a bottle, many sketches); From Highlander to Samurai by Martin Rendall (54 mm figure conversion, line drwgs); Converting the Airfix Halifax into a B Mk II by Alan W Hall (2 pages 1:72 scale line drwgs); Build a ‘cutaway’ Tiger tank in 1:76 scale by Bruce Quarrie; The pick of Photopage by Bruce Quarrie (photo feature); London-Sydney Marathon Bentley in 1:32 scale by Chris Derbyshire (car conversion, sketches); Forward control Land rover and 105mm light gun by Dick Steeds (1:76 scale 4-view line drwg, parts layout drwg, sketches); Tunnel inspection and repair wagon by Micheal Andress (railway wagon, sketches); Modelling the Luftwaffe’s first four-engine jet bomber by Bryan Philpott (Junkers Ju 287, 3-view tone drwg, 1 page conversion drwgs); Humber Utility radio truck from ‘Monty’s’ staff car by Gordon McLaughlin (vehicle conversion, sketches); A canal narrow boat for OO/HO gauge layouts by Bob Payne (sketches); Cavalier Mustang from the 1:24 scale from the Airfix P-51D by Gerald Scarborough (X-22 Mustang 3, 1:72 scale 3-view line drwg, 3 pages 1:24 scale line drwgs); What? Where? When? Photo Quiz [96 pages, hbk, ISBN: 0 85059 166 X]
Airfix Magazine Annual 5 for Modellers (Sept 1975)
Editor’s Introduction by Bruce Quarrie; Land battleship – the Russian T-28 by Gerald Scarborough (scratchbuilt tank, 1:76 scale 4-view line drwg); F-86 Sabre development and colour schemes by Micheal J F Bowyer (3 pages tone drwgs); Build a 2-4-0 Saddle Tank locomotive by Micheal Andress (3 sketches); Westland Wasp helicopter from the Airfix Scout by Alan W Hall (1:72 scale 3-view line drwg, 4 tone profiles); Second World War Polish Lancer by Sid Horton (1:32 scale mounted figure, sketches, tone drwg); The pick of Photopage by Micheal J F Bowyer (photo feature); Fortified harbour complex for wargamers by Terry Wise (1 diagram); Vickers Gun-Bus and Daimler lorry by Gerald Scarborough (1:72 scale 3-view line drwg, 1:76 scale line drwg, 2 sketches); Modelling military airliners by Richard E Gardner (4 tone profiles); British infantry uniforms of the American Revolution by Bryan Fosten (line drwgs); Modelling HMS Rodney in 1:600 scale by Peter Hodges (2-view tone drwg, 13 figures); What? Where? When? Photo Quiz by Micheal J F Bowyer; German Mountain Troops from 1816 to 1945 by Robert C Gibson (uniform drwgs); Modelling the Avro Lancaster Mk VI by Bryan Philpott (2-view tone drwg, 2 pages 1:72 scale line drwgs); Far East vignette – ‘Near Kalemyo’ by Roy Dilley (Dodge truck diorama, 5 sketches) [96 pages, hbk, ISBN: 0 85059 214 3. Note: Some editions have the centre pages bound in the wrong order.]
Airfix Magazine Annual 6 for Modellers (1976)
Front end papers: MiG-15 1:72 scale 4-view line drwg; Editor’s Introduction by Bruce Quarrie; SdKfz 223 Light Radio Car by Gerald Scarborough (4-view 1:76 scale line drwg); Victor, Valiant and Vulcan by Alan W Hall (V-bombers, 3 pages tone drwgs); HMS Campbeltown at St Nazaire by Roger Chesneau (Operation Chariot model, 9 figures); Motor Infantry in the Desert by John Sandars (Morris CS8 truck diorama, 1:76 and 1:32 scale line drwgs); MiG-15 – The Forgotten Fighter by Bryan Philpott (5 col profiles); Chasseurs à Cheval de la Garde by Bryan and Don Fosten (Napoleonic uniforms, 1 page col drwgs); South African Mirages by Richard Gardner and Dave Becker (SAAF use, 2 pages tone drwgs); The Pick of Photopage by Micheal J F Bowyer Photo feature); Luftwaffe Fighter Heraldry by Bryan Philpott (12 colour unit badges); German Steyr 640 Truck Models by Gerald Scarborough (4 3-view colour drwgs, 4 construction sketches); Highball Mosquito in 1:72 Scale by Gerry Preece (Mosquito with Highball bombs, 3 pages sketches); To Sink the Tirpitz by Micheal J F Bowyer (Highball bomb use); Roman Onager and Ballista by Ron Wood (line drwgs & sketches); What? Where? When? Photo Quiz by Micheal J F Bowyer; Ford Model ‘T’ C-cab Van by Noel Smith (1:32 scale line drwgs); Make a Model Paddle Steamer Tug by Micheal Andress (waterline model boat, line drwgs); French Foreign Legion Forts by Terry Wise (wargaming model, line drwgs); CDL and Crane Matildas by Terry Gander (tank conversions, sketches); Would You Believe it? by Bruce Robertson (odd markings photos); Rear end papers: 4 German trucks 1:76 scale 4-view line drwgs [100 pages, hbk, ISBN: 0 85059 226 7]
Airfix Magazine Annual 7 for Modellers (1977)
Editor’s Introduction by Bruce Quarrie; Skyray! by Richard Leask Ward (Douglas F4D); Centurion Mk.1 by Jeremy Broughton (conversion from Airfix Mk VIII, 1 page 1:76 scale line drwgs); F-15 Reporter by Bryan Philpott (conversion from P-61, 3-view tone drwg, 6 sketches); American Civil War Figures by Terry Wise (simple conversions); Coastal Colours by Micheal J F Bowyer (RAF Coastal Command aircraft 1939-1977, 3 col profiles); Murat’s Neopolitan Army by Bryan and Don Fosten (Napoleonic uniforms, 4 col drwgs, 4 drwgs); Road Vehicles in Miniature by Gerald Scarborough (4 3-view 1:76 scale line drwgs, 3 construction sketches, 1 2-view scale line drwg, 4 2-view col drwgs); Lustrous Liberators by Bryan Philpott (formation ship B-24s, 5 col profiles); The Pick of Photopage by Micheal J F Bowyer (photo feature); Polish Armour 1939 by Steve Zaloga (light tanks etc, 5 4-view line drwgs, 1 2-view line drwg, 5 uniforms sketches); Mail Coach by Micheal Andress (horse-drawn model, sketches); What? Where? When? Photo Quiz by Micheal J F Bowyer; Whirlwind Workhorse by Richard Gardner (UK Whirlwind helicopter use, 5 tone profiles); Modelling the 5.5 by Terry Gander and Ken Musgrave (superdetailing the Airfix gun, 1:76 scale 4-view drwg, 1 sketch); Bentley 4 1/2 Litre by Noel Smith (background info); 24 Hours at Alamein by John Sandars (desert wargaming); Marking Mania by Bruce Robertson (odd markings photos) [100 pages, hbk, ISBN: 0 85059 264 X]
Airfix Annual for Aircraft Modellers (Sept 1978)
Editor’s Introduction by Bruce Quarrie; RAF Germany by Richard E Gardner (current aircraft); Build a Radial-Engined Lancaster Mk.II by Bryan Philpott (3-view tone drwg); Marking the Trainers by Micheal J F Bowyer (RAF trainer markings 1950-1978); Battle of Britain Fighter Dispersal by Peter G Cooksley (1 diagram); Bomber Command Nose Art by Bryan Philpott (RAF WW2 bomber nose art, 8 col drwgs); USAF Combat Markings: Korea by Jerry Scutts (Korean War USAF markings, 1 page col drwgs, 1 tone profile); The Pick of the Photopage by Micheal J F Bowyer (photo feature); Oriental Warpaint by Bryan Philpott (RAF SEAC markings, 4 col profiles); Airacobras in the RAF by Micheal J F Bowyer (5-view col drwg); Spitfire IX by Neville Franklin (converting Airfix 1:24 Spitfire I to IX, 1 page line drwgs); Swedish Dragon by Steve Richards (SAAB Draken, 1 page tone drwgs); Sultan of Oman’s Air Force by Mike Gething (modelling SOAF aircraft); Cunliffe Owen Flying Wing by Gerald Scarborough (modelling the OA1, 1:72 scale 3-view drwg & internal details drwg); Rammers by Micheal J F Bowyer (Phillips & Powis 1939 ramming fighter proposal); Commando ‘Choppers by Paul Beaver (Royal Marines Scout & Gazelle helicopters); Have a Hart by Charles Bassett (Hawker Hart family); Sunderland in Close-Up by Peter G Cooksley (RAF Museum aircraft photos) [100 pages, sbk, ISBN: 0 85059 294 1]

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