Airfoil – Contents Listing

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Vol.1 No.1 Winter 1983
The Last of the Luftwaffe Part 1 (colour photo feature incl. Me 163 photos); Thunderbolts of the 404th FG; Do 335 Big German Push/Pull Fighter; Bf 109 Scrapbook; Camouflage and Markings Corner [42 pages]
Vol.1 No.2 1984
Images of the Yoxford Boys Part 1; Last of the Luftwaffe Part 2; The Case of the ‘Stolen’ Fw 190; Bent Birds; JAAF Scrapbook
Vol.1 No.3 1985
Images of the Yoxford Boys Part 2; The Last of the Luftwaffe; Goodyear Race 1947; Planes, Dames and Names; Bent Birds; Readers Photo Forum
Vol.1 No.4 1986
10th Photo Recon Group in WW2; P-38/F-5 Scrapbook; KG52 Me 262 ops; 318 FG P-47s; Last of the Luftwaffe in Denmark
Vol.1 No.5 1987
P-47N in 318 FG; Luftwaffe Glider Bombs; P-38 ‘Sad Sack’; USAAF Fighters in the CBI; Over the Hump

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