Airshow International – Contents Listing

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Air Classics Special 1987
No information [98 pages]
Air Classics Special 1989
MiG! [98 pages]
Air Classics Special 1990
No information [98 pages]
Special 1991
Airshows and the Gulf War; B-17 Flying Fortress-Texas Raiders; Cactus Squadron Flight Team; Blue Angels 45th Anniversary; Pepsi Skywriting Team; Complete Airshow Listing; Oshkosh Preview
Special 1992
USAF Thunderbirds; A Survival Guide to Airshows; Team America; Oshkosh 92; Airshow dates 1992
Vol.1 No.1 Spring 1993
Reno Unlmited air races; Red Star airshows; Oshkosh 92; Warbird Airshows
Vol.1 No.2 Summer 1993
Sky Fury: George Baker’s Sky Fury stuns the crows with 3000 throbbing horsepower; Red Star Domination: Russians at Farnborough Airshow; Flight of the Gee Bee; Microjet; Vintage Air Tours: DC-3s on tour
Vol.1 No.3 Fall 1993
Formula V Air Racing; Sean Tucker and the Randolph Challenger; Russian Top Guns; Geneseo Warbirds; Sun n Fun; How to be a Reno Unlimited pilot; Formula V air racing; Latest Airshow Updates
Vol.1 No.4 Winter 1993
Wings of Eagles New York’s Impressive Corn Field Show; Oshkosh 93; Thunder Over Paris; Duxford’s Sky Warriors; Are Airshows Safe?
Vol.2 No.1 Spring 1994
Unlimiteds Battle in World’s Fastest Motor Sport; Racers Over Reno; D-Day Warbirds; The Canadian International Airshow; Denver’s Aerial Spectacular
Vol.2 No.2 Summer 1994
Your 1994 Airshow Season Guide!; Get Ready For Oshkosh: We preview Oshkosh ’94; Thunder Over London: Canadian airshow; Team America; Mississippi Sky Parade


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